A big thank you to Spin

Hey Guys

I would like to take the time to say thank you to Spin for the last 1463 days he spend on the committee. I think it is a record for the longest time anyone spend on the committee and it takes some one special to be able to do this.

As technical officer he has made many changes to our network working till the early hours of the morning to help to improve our network. The biggest changes I can remember is automated blacklisting of links not complying to our standards and introducing us to the new forum(we were on vbulletin before).

Always calm under pressure and when committee faced troubled times he would help us come up with a solution that would sit well with almost everyone.

Dit was n plesier om saam met jou in span te werk vir twee en half jaar baie dankie vir al jou werk wat jy ingesit het op die netwerk en ek weet jy sal nog help agter die skerms waar jy kan.


From my side I would also like say some words of Gratitude to @spin for all the hard work, time and effort which you have given towards the greater CTWUG in trying to keep our network running smoothly - Your efforts are greatly appreciated and did not go unseen as many of us can agree.

Also to the rest of the recent Committee Alumni:
Thank You for all the time and effort that you have given towards the CTWUG Community while in steed as Comms . . . Your work too does not go unnoticed . . . We applaud and thank you for all you have done. . .
The gap which you have left is as great as it is challenging . . . and leaves Big Shoes to fill . . . We hope that we can depend on your continuous support and motivation going forward as a Community.



Thanks @Ogon it was a pleasure (well most of the time). Hope to keep assisting where possible.


I agree 100%




Yes from my perspective @Spin always did brighten our days. He was/is truly
the best for our network community since day one and never ever was there
issues he couldn’t resolve. So thanks spin you are truly the best… :+1::clap::wink:


van my kant ook @spin dit was lekker om saam jou te werk en jyt ctwug se netwerk baie beter gemaak en ons sal jou mis tot 2020 GM dan jy weer terug LOL


I agree wholeheartedly, 4 years of your life that you served, with such passion and dedication, ensuring the details were to the T.
You have always helped incredibly at all hours of the day.What I appreciate with the way you help, is not giving everything on a golden spoon, but guiding to ensure one learns. Not only that, you have made all the details available publicly for all to learn.

Yes, there are still those that do want and crave to learn, but unfortunately most just want someone else to do it for them.

So a BIG thank you for everything you have done for CTWUG and me personally.


i spend 10 years driving audi around cape town LOL

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