A sad state of affairs

Can I get by a show of hands (or like or replies) how many people here are still interested in tinkering around with networks and building out a network like CTWUG or continuing it to some degree with more people (I know I know a few on my network). I feel like there is a lack of love to this project (well by the majority) I assume the minority loves it.

So I was wondering, discussions about expanding our networks? As mentioned in: When will training start

It’s a pretty sad state of affiars also reading the statistics of OSPF routers decreasing in: When will training start I really never knew it was THIS bad to be honest.

CTWUG is like a shining pearl in a swamp or well not really much interesting network stuff going on in South Africa and WC except in academia.

So with that said, anyone up for some networking shananigans! As for me I have been building a network out with some friends http://deavmi.assigned.network:4444.

What CRXN actually is?

Here, spoilers, an IP inter-network: http://deavmi.assigned.network/blog/CRXN.html

Tutorial on getting connected: http://deavmi.assigned.network/docs/crxn/site/peering/

Current network topology (excludes static routes for some things, except would be visible in green table): http://deavmi.assigned.network:4444

Have people connected over tunnels in Cape Town, Russia, Germany and India Obviously Cape Town has the potential for physical links which would be amazing. The image above only shows the extent of the network somewhat, we have more than one hop routes (the map cannot show the full network topology).

Getting in contact

We have an IRC network available on CRXN (and the normal Internet as well), channel #crxn is where we meet and discuss (discussion is anytime): http://deavmi.assigned.network/docs/bnet/site/ (A list of IRC servers all interconnected, take a few incase one goes down because I don’t know, KGB spies or Hellkom)

You are also free to email me: deavmi@disroot.org or message me on the forum


I will appreciate any replies here with folks interested

:+1: could you mail me @ lawrens.lottering@gmail.com

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i am

Op Ma. 7 Des. 2020 om 15:14 het diktrildeavmi via CTWUG Forum <forum@ctwug.za.net> geskryf:

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For those who don’t dig IRC, there’s a whatsapp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/BcBu3NmUzDIGyFZwjdXXbq

Are there whatsapp groups for the current CTWUG?

Looking for people’s

I have some people interested now and on the WhatsApp group. I should also mention. CRXN has nodes (via tunnels so far) in George, Cape Town (2), Worcester (3), Russia (2) and Europe (2).

I’m going to be experimenting with OSPF now and doing it specifically over GRE (which wouldn’t change much) such that I can build a system that can interoperate between babel (the routing protocol CRXN uses) and OSPF (The routing protocol CTWUG uses) - the interoperation is the easy part (same kernel routing table).

I am interested, I just acquired some hardware and want to get started on CTWUG. It might take me some time so set it all up though.

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Awesome. I will be in contact Boertjie

Anyone here with OSPF knowledge?

On Linux and RouterOS?

We don’t have WIND but we have Netbox which facilitates a lot of the IP management.

So that’s nice

The prefixes page is now viewable by all.