AGM Election 31st August 2019 Process

Hi Everyone, its election time.
Election officer – Ogon
Election date 31st August 2019 at our annual AGM

Please nominate your committee by following the links below
Vice Chairman
Technical Officer

Nomination process
You’ll need a nomination and two seconds to be able to stand as a candidate in the election
You can nominate or second as much persons as you like
You can nominate or second yourself
If you have a nomination and two seconds you will have until nominations closing date to accept your nomination. Please accept or decline ASAP if possible.
Nominations will close on 3rd August 2019 at 23h59

Absentee voting
Absentee voting is there for those who can’t make the election and would still like to vote. So, if for some reason (work, travel, sickness or who knows what) you can’t make it please feel free to send the elections officer a mail (email details will be given when proxy registrations open) and ask if you can register for absentee voting. Please note this is entirely up to the election officer to decide if you have a valid reason.

Absentee voting registration will open on the 24th August and closes at 9pm 28th August. No late applications will be accepted.
Absentee voting will open 22h00 28th August and close 22h00 30th August. An email will be send to registered absentee voters as a reminder to vote.

Election day 31st August 2019
When you arrive at meeting you will be added to the election group on the forum
Only people in the election group can login to election using your forum login
You will now be able to register yourself for the election
Once everyone is registered I can open the election
The absentee and meeting election totals will now be added to determine who is your new committee.


The nominations stage of this election has ended, sadly we have 3 uncontested positions and two positions left vacant. Your next committee will be as follow.

Acting Chairman - @Coms
Vice Chairman - Vacant
Technical Officer - @Dizzle
Treasure - Vacant
Secretary - @nissan

They will take office at on the 31 August after the AGM.

Fo those of you who want to know how coms will become Acting Chairman, as per our constitution if the Chairman and Vice Chairman resigns the treasure becomes Acting Chairman until the next GM(this should be end of November), after another election process.

The new committee will have the power to appoint members into the then vacant positions but they will not have voting power on committee decisions.

I would like to thanks those who nominated and second users and also a big thank you to those who accepted to run.


Hi All . . .
Perhaps a suggestion/motivation if I may . . .
Would it not be a good idea to re-open the nominations for the positions which currently need filling . . . At least till closest possible date before the next meeting . . . Perhaps a change of heart within our community might lead to individiuals stepping up to the plate and try to be brave enough to consider this as an opportunity to learn something new.
We cannot just all take a back seat and watch others do the work. Thats not how a community is suppose operate . . . We have to share the responsibility of making the WUG experience a great one for everyone.
Thats why I . . . and I’d like to think everyone else has joined this community - To have the opportunity to engage with others who shares the same passion . . . and grab the opportunity to learn from each other so that skills can be transfered and enrich your own life and those of others as you yourself pass the skills which you have aquired onto others.
I would like to reach out the CTWUG Community in this regard and hopefully this request will bring that change of heart about.
Yours sincerely.


I would just like to add the following . . .


Unfortunately they cannot. In order to do that, there would have to be a change in the constitution first, which an only be done at a GM where the vote to change can be done. This vote can only happen if a quorum is reached as well…

Hi @Stiaanm

I could be wrong . . . But I think that you might have misunderstood my comments in the post above . . .
My suggestion was to re-open the nominations - hereby allowing for more nomations to be placed to have the posititons which has not been filled yet. People will then have the opportunity and also may opt to nominate themselves for these positions as well . . . As stated in the rules which you refered to earlier . . .
Hope this clears confusion which I might have caused previously . . .

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Nope, also wish it was possible but:

Personally . . . I just feel that it would be better for everyone to allow more time for nominations in cases such these where we have positions not been filled . . . than having empty posts - but I guess thats for the @committee to decide.
Requesting humbly if a re-consideration would be possible . . . Exception to the rules if you want to view it as such . . .

@nissan as stiaan pointed out the constitution can not be changed in the time that we have on our hands , but the constitution does allow us as the interim comms as of 31 Aug to appoint people to the vacant roles till the next meeting.
That said it would then be the right time for people that would like to step up to the post to put up there hand.
Then they will be in the comms if we so appoint them,but shall not have voting power, but can still raise a point to be discussed. And be heard.

We can however not allow a exception to the rule as the constitution is a set of rules essentially agreed to by all in the community and allowing a exception we will be saying "stuff the constitution "

I understand how you are trying to remedy the situation but we have to work within the guidelines set out for us via the constitution by the collective known as CTWUG


I wish I could, but the constitution does not allow for this.

There is another way and that is to move the election one week to the 7th of September. Honestly it will just give more people another week not to accept.

I would rather work under 3 persons who want to make a difference that under ones that was begged to accept.


I wish that was possible, but the WHOLE community would have to stand for it, and then also as per the constitution…

The biggest hiccup in my view is that people just DO NOT CARE (“somebody else can do that, as long as I get what I need”-attitude), and as such CTWUG will cease to exist. At this point everybody would jump on the band-wagon to start caring, but that would of course be way too late…

Add-on: This can only be sorted by the next GM, so the vacant posts can only be filled at the November GM (as per constitution).

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Thank you to all for the replies and for the enlightenment in the feedback provided . . .
Hopefully we’ll see a bigger turnout at our next meeting end of August - for those interested - We need the greater CTWUG Community to show more interest in the WUG movement as a whole and Not just set up Nodes as these does not represent the CTWUG Community but rather just a footprint of its presence - And judging by the size of the footprint that CTWUG has on it’s database vs. the involvement of the amount of members represented at our quarterly meetings . . this paints a sad picture for the future of our existence as a group who vows to care for the greater good of novice and experts who were once willing to join this community and what it stands for in terms of learning and sharing knowledge along with building a great community with a passion for technology…



@nissan - I assume you’re willing to take on a committee position, since you’re keen for the nominations to re-open and are appealing to the community to get involved (with statements like “We cannot just all take a back seat and watch others do the work”)? Or are you just virtue signalling?

I’m not even a little surprised that there are not enough willing people to fill these roles. I spent three years on the committee, and it’s a thankless job full of people who raise their voices for things they want or feel wronged about, but aren’t willing to get involved either.

Thank you all for your confidence in me . . . I would like to thank everyone for these nominations and will give it my best shot at the post for CTWUG Secretary. Looking foward to working with CTWUG Comms.
Thank You.

Hi @Beetle001

Thanks for pointing this out . . . And yes I am aware that you are part of the Committee Alumni and have been in the steed of Chairman round about the era of 2013 - This was when I recently joined the CTWUG Community.when the meetings was still hosted at Monte Vista Tennis Club. Don’t mean to sound rude . . . But I haven’t seen you at a CTWUG Meeting event in a long time - This was probably the Last venue that I saw you attend, . . speaking under correction of course . . . You probably have your reasons as many others do - But these reasons/excuses seem to have set the ball rolling on a course which led to less and less members attending our meetings - Probably they see less and lesser of the previously familiar faces there . . . as well as on the Forum Activity . . .
Wouldn’t you say that this could could be why more and more of our older members have been growing less interested. I have noticed the shrinking in the attendance and felt saddened by this - I feel that if you really passionate about something, then you should try and pass that passion on to the next generation . . . along with guidance and the necessary persistence to ensure that things don’t go sideways as they grow - Continuous input and active involvement is necessary to insure that a prodige’ delivers the best possible results in order to pass on a healthy legacy that will stand the test of time . . . . But if one just stand aside and watch how it heads for self destruction, that makes one just as guilty and I would go as far as to say an accomplice in a wrong deed due to the lack of interest in the well being/greater good.

  • Perhaps its not too late for things to make a turn around - But if everyone is just going to look around to see where that turn around is going to come from . . . then its never going to happen - cos its not going to go fetch itself . . . Someone has to go fetch it . . . and the more involvement, the easier it would be to get the spirit back . . .

  • Perhaps getting Training going again - Haven’t seen much of this lately - @Ogon
    was the last member that gave this a go if I recall correctly. This could help getting people back into becoming passionate again, We all growing older . . . and getting onto a roof ain’t that easy anymore (I know from personal experience - and all of our older members would probably concur - I used to climbed up a ladder with tools in both hands and not even holding onto the ladder - But that was way back). We all have families and jobs that we tend to and they take most of our time - But why not train our children in the ways that we use to know and respect - This way we can try to re-shape the up and coming community in the way that we would like to see them headed. And we’d have some young hands to climb ladders/masts especially academically, as there are a lot of room for growth in the Technology field. . . and training them young gets them that much closer to a career in this field.

  • What about Socials - The only time that we see each other these days is at General Meetings - Perhaps more social events could make the ones who really care to attend grow a closer bond or make new ones - perhaps put gripes aside while we at it - We’re currently like a divided family . . . and this is no way for family to behave . . . I could probably ramble on and on for days on end but would like to leave room for feedback . . . .

Anyway - Back to the topic at hand - Please allow me to respond w.r.t. your assumption above. . . You probably missed this part of this post and another post prior to that . . .

[Continuing the discussion from CTWUG Secretary nominations AGM 2019:](Continuing the discussion from CTWUG Secretary nominations AGM 2019:slight_smile:

I have taken this stance because I myself fall into the category mentioned above and would like to make a change from a personal aspect - Cos thats where change start - Right . . . ? While I thank those that have gone before me for their efforts and diligence I realized that this aint gonna fix itself and that a personal commitment is needed - Which is why I started with myself - Hey Learning something new and aquiring an additional skill is fun right. Please tell me that I’m not the only member here that feels this way. . .
I would also like to encourage . . . No wait uhmmm . . . “Challenge” - (yep that’s the one - sounds more daring I would say) . . . Lets try again . . .
I would like to Challenge our legacy CTWUG members to attend the next meeting - Even if its just to pop in and see who is still left on the WUG and how they’ve aged. I know one of the main reasons why attendance grew less popular over the years, is because of issues with the venue location - So perhaps, If the @Committee could consider a next venue that saw a BIGGER turnout in terms of numbers - Or a venue closest to that one if the more popular venue is not available.
Here we could all get together and voice personal opinions as to why we feel that a change is needed and propose ways of how we could reach that as a community for the greater good.Lets put our bickering aside and look at things from a perspective that would benefit the CTWUG Community as a whole - This however cannot be achieved if we’re not willing to stand up and make our voices be heard.

I thank everyone who made it to the end of this lengthy post , , , but this is my 2cents - Like to hear other opinions as well . . . in person would even be better :grinning: Hope to see you there . . .



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Congrats to the guys that stepped up and took up the positions. You have a tough job ahead of you being 2 members down already at the start of your campaign. Wish you guys all the best going forward.


Dankie word waardeer @Gekido

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