AMD Radeon RX 480

Heard about this card yesterday. Today its on the news. Prices is a bit higher than I expected.

Anyone interested in this card?

AMD’s best value for money card, you can get the 8gig version at Wootware for around R4500 and it performs on part with a gtx 980ti at least that’s what they say.

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While not 980ti per se but still decent.

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Yip and it’s more a value for money thing the way I see it, AMD is aiming for mainstream gamers that cannot afford the big guns and still give them a awesome gaming experience on the level of the gtx970 and gtx980, I will still be a Nvidia fanboy though lol :smiley:


Jip, just wait for Nvidia’s reply to the RX480

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It is similar to a gtx970 the defered VR card and the RX480 is now the new minimum entrant for a high end VR experience. Make no mstake currently this is the best bang for buck card at this stage and Nvidia will probably try to counter with a GTX1060. 2 x Rx480 gives similar performance to a GTX1080 but are still cheaper for when buying 2

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Nvidia’s 1060 will be aimed at this gpu but you have to wonder how much will it cost?

Have a look at this before you buy this card.


@Dia I heard about this, apparently they saying that it could possibly cause pci-e slot to burn out or even the mobo.

That’s funny, I won’t be surprised if that’s true. AMD certainly was in a rush to get this card out to compete. Most of these cards are basically still reference boards with reference coolers. I’m thinking the extra R600 you save by going powercolor instead of sapphire is a nice score! :slight_smile:

My (OC) motherboard supports 300W draw from pci-e. I could rack 3 of these cards without having to think about the few extra watts being drawn from the bus. I’m waiting to sell my old R9 280X before I plan to upgrade, so for now I’m watching reddit with my popcorn next to me! Perhaps I can wait till the end of the year for Vega chips, although with regards to AMD enthusiast grade single GPU cards, I keep on getting more and more disappointed with each release.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about that as long as you not going to crossfire.

As a single card there is no chance it will do any harm to your motherboard.

Nvidia announces $249 GTX 1060 to take on AMD’s new mid-range king

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I was waiting for this:

“Nvidia claimed that its GeForce GTX 1060 will offer more performance than its outgoing GeForce GTX 980.”

i have the red devil 8 gig

lol nividia se nuwe range brand uit en hulle het memory issues sal nooit nvidia kaart koop nie

lyk my hulle het Samsung issue