Anyone that can assist with reconnection to the wug

Please assist with node craigiebaby reconnection to the wug

Plese use this template and post in the correct category.

WiND Node (link or at least name and number):
List your existing wireless equipment (but don’t buy anything):
Confirm with yes or no that you’ve read the getting started guide:

Description / Details of your issue below

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@craigiebaby28, here are your next steps :

As Spaffy said, supply more info as per the template.

Please update your node with photos in all directions from your roof,

then Book the Testkit for your area

And do a scan, particularly in the directions of RST, TAARIQ123, MDT and DIYAAN.
I made an article on the Wiki, explaining exactly how to do a scan with the test kit.

Post the results here.

Hope you get connected soon.


Hi Clown, I already had the wug for 5 years but haven’t used it again for about 4 years, I’ve been in contact with Robert in the UK and he has assisted me with a router upgrade last night but my router has not rebooted correctly since upgrade and now benign every 6 seconds!!

Any way you can assist?

Rebooting every 6 seconds

With a beep every 6 seconds

Not sure who Robert in the UK is but what router do you have?

In any case you are getting ahead of things. Much could have changed in 4
years, so the only way to check who you can connect to is to follow the
steps you have been given. We all want to help you but we cant if you dont
do your bit first.


@craigiebaby28 any progress on this?

hi Clown, are you available to chat?

Sorry not right now. Maybe later?

According to wind, you are connected to MDT. Is this not the case?

Hi can anyone assist with reconnection to wug

You’re in Plumstead. Wrong thread for your location.

Have you done anything that has been asked?