Connection to Atlas or otherwise?

Hi guys

Any possibility that I can connect to Atlas?


The sector facing you is full, we still need to find a host for the old ganymede sector. Please do a 360 scan there is new ap in your that you could maybe connect to in the meanwhile.


  • Trojan
  • sipex
  • camelrock
  • pro2col

You can always pm me for my number to help you setup your rb to scan for all APs in your area.


Thanks! I will do so.

Kind regards

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Please split this into a new thread if appropriate.

How do we determine when a sector is full?
Is there a set number of clients, or do You take the main link available bandwidth and divide it into a set number of clients? I suppose it comes down to the same thing really, doesnt it?

Have already done that.

From the wiki rules section

Client Sectors Must be limited to 6 clients if standard IEEE 802.11 protocols are used. Must be limited to 8 single polarity clients if Nv2 or Airmax is used. Must be limited to 12 dual polarity clients if Nv2 or Airmax is used. Signal strengths must exceed -73 dBm for new clients to connect. Signal strengths must exceed -75 dBm for existing clients to remain connected. Clients must maintain a 95th percentile CCQ of 60% or higher in both directions to remain connected.

Atlas has two Mimo Dual polarity sectors so can host 24 clients, the clients needs to face the sector they are connecting to.

Thanx @Ogon.
Am i correct in thinking this would apply to an omni as well?

If it is a CTWUG site yes, the site you connect to is a private manage site and you can connect as many as you guys see fit.

CTWUG site try to give the users the best experience possible without straining the sector to much. Personally I think 12 clients are to many.

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