CTWUG Treasure nominations AGM 2019

Here you can nominate wuggers for CTWUG Treasure

The nominee must be a natural person
You’ll need a nomination and two seconds to be able to stand as a candidate in the election
You can nominate or second as much persons as you like
You can nominate yourself
If you have a nomination and two seconds you will have until nominations closing date to accept your nomination.Please accept or decline ASAP if possible.
Nominations will close on the 3rd August 2019 23h59

Election Process

Duties of TREASURER:

  • Maintain the bank account.
  • Continually monitor the account for expenses and donations.
  • Log all donations on the finances website.
  • Load all approved projects onto the website.
  • Collect and bank any cash collected by the group.
  • Request chairman make EFT payments when needed.
  • Maintain and ensure all finance requisitions and invoices/receipts/slips are filed.
  • Present a financial report to the group at the quarterly meetings.


I nominate @Coms for Treasurer

I seconded @Coms for Treasurer.

I nominate @angryplum

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i will second @angryplum & i will nominate @Stiaanm, @King, @MDE

I nominate @stiaanm for treasurer

Nominate @Coms and @Stiaanm

Hi all

Much appreciated that you thought of me on this, but the day-job will not allow this, hours way to rough at this point (13-17 hours per day). Therefore, I would have to decline at this point…

Nominees	Seconds	  Status
Coms		2   	  Pending
Angryplum 	1		  Need one more second
Stiaanm	    2		  Declined
King		0		  Need two more seconds 
Mde	    	0		  Need two more seconds

And 3rd for Coms here…

Not for me thanks :slight_smile:

I nominate @Tubby for Treasurer

Thanks peeps I will accept this nomination @Ogon

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I seconded @Coms for Treasurer.

i Nominate @Coms

second @coms

Nominees	Seconds	Status
Coms		6		Accepted
Angryplum 	1		Need one more second
Stiaanm 	2		Declined
King		0		Need two more seconds 
Mde	    	0		Declined
Tubby		0		Need two more seconds

I nominate @Tubby on this one

Ok…then i also vote @ coms for treasurer