Dankie Jellybean

I would like to take the time to say thanks to Jellybean for what he has done on the commiitee as Chairman and as network admin for CTWUG over the last few years.

I have so much respect for you as a wugger always delivering the best that you can when you can that it is sometimes mind blowing to imagine that you still find time to fit CTWUG into your busy work schedule taking you all over the world.

I still remember how we first met, it was at CTWUG first ospf training meeting your bike was broken and your wife drop you off at monte vista hall. After the training you wanted to walk home 7km and we(Graphire and me) offered you a lift home. Such commitment just to get training is unparelled in our days.

Second time was when you rocked up at the training session at the Italian club in brooklyn and assisted in the training, I have to be honest I was in awe of you and your commitment.

Thanks again for always being available to assist me when needed.


Thank you Ogon, unfortunately the unpredictable travels and other external factors do not always make it easy to give the time and effort that the organisation requires.
You left very big boots to fill, which I know few can attempt to fill.

I will continue to assist where and when I can.