Direction of access point dishes

Garmil #3219


How do I know which access point I can connect to? Not sure which direction the dish is facing based on where I stay.

Thank you

Hi garmil do a 360degree and look out for anything that has CTwug ssid and post pics here

Hi Garmil. Its irrelevant. More than often you will not be connecting to anothen dish, but an omni antenna.

As Bronny said, the next step in the process is to do a 360 scan.

Find out who holds your area testkit, ( and book it. for instructions.

Then update your node with your Pics in all directions, and create a new post with your scan results.

Shout if you get stuck

The Clown


Thanks gents. Going to do a 360 degree picture once this rain stops. I’m up against the mountain so I’ll only have 180 degrees but I’ll book the test kit first.


Against the mountain Sounds intresting :joy:

AI wrong smiley face should of Been this :grinning:

What do we have in Newlands?

Hi i See His close to Ariel and Uranus, and he ahve los to alot Of nodes according to Wind im Sure he World have nö issue connecting butbwith the 180 degree Scan woud Five US a better picture, lol he even have los to ne and i stay in Blue Downs, He Looks like a Potential highsite even so @garmil im Positive you World habe nö Problem connecting, just i see you working with older Equipment

Let me know what equipment I need and I’ll get it from Scoop, etc. I have that old equipment but have no intention of using it. I reached out to Sharkie to get the test kit so he’s going to get back to me about where I can pick it up.

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First scan, then figure out where to connect to and only then get equipment.

I did a scan from my balcony and the options seems to be nureya_1 or ike082_4. Going up on the roof tomorrow to do a proper scan.

Hi, I manage the High site of Ariel and Uranus on behalf of CTWUG

  1. You cannot connect to Uranus as it only has a single sector pointing towards the M5.
  2. You can try scan for SSID: but I think this may be a long shot as the sector is 120 degrees and i’m pretty sure you will hit just the edge of the signal (azimuth). Since you also quite high up you also may hit the top of the elevation angle. That sector is dual polarity so take this into account when and if you get signal.

Its a tricky situation you in as your area has many high trees and so forth. Maybe you can try create a PtP to ike082 but again as per all the posts above scan first and pray heard :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this info. I am fortunate in that I’m above most of the trees (facing away from the mountain) so a few years ago I was connected to a guy in Elsies River but I had that ancient grid so it wasn’t ideal. I’ll take photos tomorrow and do a proper scan with the test kit and post my findings here.



We did a scan this side and it seems Nureya_1 is my best bet.

I used the WUG test kit which is 24dbi I believe. Based on this, I’m going to get the 27dbi ( from Scoop if it’s OK to connect to Nureya.

panorama 1 is from East of the house to south

Panorama 2 is from south back to north

do not get any equipment first speak to the node owner/s to discuss it first maybe u will need something else just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

I intend asking before I buy equipment.