Fastest links on CTWUG

So I have been wondering what the fastest Wireless links are on the WUG.

These are pure wireless speed irrelevant of distance.

Post your fastest link here. (Remember sync speed doesn’t count, want to see raw bandwidth tests :P)

Your test needs to be a combined bandwidth test, test needs to be done for at least 60 seconds

Your total Speed will be the combined Average throughput. No score will be counted without a screenshot.

And no physical copper - copper or fiber links do not count!

I will keep the post updated with the Top 10 fastest links on the network:

TOP 10 Fastest wireless links on CTWUG:

  1. @Jypels - @Skouperd (1102mbps using Mimosa B5c radios)
  2. @Jypels - @Giftand 2 (318.85mbps using Ubiquity 25Db AC ISO powerbeams)
  3. IO - Big_Bang (297.25mbps using Ubiquity 25db AC powerbeams)
  4. DeaneTowers-Leda (220mbps using 30db dishes and RB-Netbox’s)

Here is my 1st entry:
@Jypels - @Skouperd

Average speed is 1102Mbps over 60 seconds

This is using Mimosa B5c radios with Mikrotik 30dbi precision alignment dishes on a 4km Link.

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My 2nd entry:
@Jypels - @Giftand 2

Average speed is 318.85Mbps over 60 seconds
This is using Ubiquity 25db AC ISO powerbeams over 400 meters.

The link can push much more when using 80mhz of spectrum but the test was conducted at 40Mhz.

Result removed as test was done to same device meaning Coms - Coms lol

@Jypels, What do these Mimosa devices go for?

@Coms that looks like you are testing to the same device?

@Coms belongs to Coms side of the link and your screenshot confirms it, thus I am removing it from the post. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

They work out to about R20k for a link (R10k per side)

@Jypels you are correct i did not realize will correct
Was besig om met @Koekemoer te gesels so aandag was nie geheel by nie :blush:
But no excuses lol

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@Donny please read the 1st post, you need to post a combined BW test not sync speed

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lol yep thats why i deleted it lol

Test was done between:
Link Distance: 5.23km
Equipment: 30dbi dish+AC Rb both sides
Test ran more than 60 seconds
Test was done non Game time while Audi was live
Test ran both directions wlan did 108mbs+ both ways with 99% CCQ


I will add to the list :wink:

Another Entry:
IO - Big_Bang

Average speed is 297.25mbps over 60 seconds

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If I can just make a suggestion, don’t use BTest in Mikrotik to test the link speeds. It is really not doing your links justice at all:

This is between a RB2011 and RB3011 - BTest maxes out the CPU on the RB2011, making the actual link look slower than it is. I know for a fact I can get very close to a gigabit between two computers on both ends of the RB2011/RB3011.

While this might not be an issue, there is still a chance that one of the RB’s still has a very high CPU load, meaning the BTest doesn’t give an accurate representation of the actual speeds possible. A better way to test might be iPerf.

On the mikrotik wireless link during udp test this isn’t a problem… TCP test it becomes a problem yes

Alternatively you can use BTest through the rbs in question.

Basically something like this:

[rb C ] --- [rb A with link] --- link --- [rb B with link] --- [rb D]

So to test the link between A & B run the bandwidth test between C and D.

That is another option. also gives a good idea of what links are operating the fastest constantly. Doing a certain speed for a few minutes is one thing, but doing it for a few hours at a time is something else all together.

This isn’t a test of who does the most traffic, this is just to see who has the fastest links on the wug and what equipment is used for said links…