HELP A Good man to Keep Breathing

Hi All,

My Brother in law was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Its a lung disease and it scares the lungs with no medical cure available for it. Basically terminal.

There is no way to explain how I feel, or to beg everyone that I possibly can to help with this.

Because of the IPF he is struggling to get oxygen and needs some type of machine to help him. however my sister and himself have spent their entire medical aid and savings on hospital visits and diagnoses for what he has. they have basically depleted every bit of it and now need to purchase a Portable Oxygenater to help him pro long his life and still spend time with my sister and their 2 children.

His been a great father to my nieces and a good husband to my sister. I really beg of everyone please would you be so kind as to help reach the amount needed to get him the treatment needed. His a a good man and needs this.

Please see the back a buddy link and read the full story. We have lost so many family members this last few years and were never given the opportunity to help prolong thier lives we have one now so I come before all wuggers on my knees and I beg of you to help donate to this cause

Donovan - BackABuddy


Hi;i dont have much,R100…but if it will help im willing to contabute it…jst let me knw where to send it to


Hey man R100 is more than enough mate,

Anything helps Litterally anything.

Please go to and then send it directly on their site so that its kept track of we urgently need the equipment. PS when doing it add CTWUG and Your Nick as the name bud.