Help connecting MikroTik router to M5 rocket

WiND Node (link or at least name and number): #5203
List your existing wireless equipment (but don’t buy anything): 433 MirkoTik. One High power radio (previously connected equipment.)
Confirm with yes or no that you’ve read the getting started guide: Yes (mostly)

Description / Details of your issue below

Have been connected for a few years, but now my upstream link (phebos) and I need to reconnect. Since an admin (Mike) setup up my stuff originally, I don’t have a clear idea of how to actually connect to Phebos’s radio.

He has a rocket m5 on his end. It is set to Wireless mode: Access point.

When I do a scan, I can see his node, but clicking connect, doesn’t seem to do anything. The interfaces list doesn’t have an R next to it, like it used to when I was connected. No traffic stats or pings appear for this interface either.

Signal strength to his node isn’t great: -89 (though it was better a few days ago).

My RB is running WebFig 6.32.2.

I’m guessing there is something I’m missing to connect?

Any help would be appreciated.

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With what equipment did you connect previously

It is possible to make a working connection between mikrotik ubnt devices.

Mikrotik uses three protocols 802.11, nstreme and nv2
UBNT uses 802.11 and airmax
To make a connection both sides need to be set to same protocol, this leaves us with 802.11 which has a maximum through put of 54mbs using a 20mhz channel.

So although you do see the AP you will not be able to connect if airmax is enabled on AP side, again I’m not sure which equipment was previously uses maybe try setting you side to 802.11 only in the wireless protocol tab.

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Almost forgot this a a terrible signal and once you press connect it probably wont connect as the signal is not good enough and the link wont work.


hey if you have a signal strength of -89 on a scan it wont connect at all once u press connect most of the time the signal strength will go up with a few db’s. If u was connected with the same equipment before then the signal is your issue could be anything like alignment, trees, faulty equipment


Thanks for the help @ogon and @razor1. The old equipment on Phebos’s side had to be replaced, mine is still the same (RB433 MikroTik.)

I didn’t know about the protocols, will make sure his side is set correctly, mine is now set to 802.11.

The signal to his link used to be much better (around 60 just a few days ago) so I guess something must have changed.

Thanks again


The other link (Phebos) is trying to do a scan for my node, but he can’t see it. I remember having to change something to make me node hidden or visible when my last peer tried to connect. Where is it in the WebFig interface?

My side is set to mode:Station at the moment.

Since the signal strength isn’t great I guess alignment should probably happen as well.

If phebos is trying to scan to you, then you must be AP and Phebos must be station. According to my knowledge Station scans to AP

In order for tik to communicate/connect to ubi you will need to enable wds
on the tik device… Also (as stated previously) ensure both devices
employ the 802 standard