Highbury Park Fiber Rollout


Hi All,

So in hghbury Park I need to get some signatures for Fiber. I know this might not be the right forum for this but I am sure there is some people here who lives in highbury and can help spread the word.

I have got the interest forms with me and if anyone in highbury park is interested in fiber can you please come sign the sheet for me?

Its not a contract just a form been speaking to the owner of a fiber installation company who would like to do the installation but for him to get providers to back him he needs to make sure the interest is there.


Hi there. I am in Highbury Park as well and just heard that the fibre won’t be coming to us. How can i help to get some signatures so we can get this sorted?


Is Vumatel not doing infrastructure roll-out by you?

They are in the entire northern suburbs

@DiscoThat is correct. We are currently not listed for rollout.

You can send me your whatsapp number I will send you the details. We need about another 80 more interest shows before the board would approve the rollout.

Hi there

I saw your post about the fibre not coming to Highbury Park, only Highbury.

So are you saying they will be coming our way?


Only if we can get another 100 interest shown