Highvoltage link permanently going down, anyone want a tower?

Hey everyone. Unfortunately, the time has come for me to move. I haven’t had much time to spend on any WUG stuff for a long time already, so I’m probably not going to set up a WUG connection at my new place in the new future. This means the highvoltage node is going down for good.

I got this pole (with steps) from Philip through some trades, so I’ll pass it on to anyone who wants it and can use it. The bottom pole has some rust you’ll just need to paint it up a bit. It’s 12m in total made out of 2x 6m pieces. If you want it, you’ll have to help take it down and arrange for the transport (might need something like a Huyndai bakkie to take it away).

That includes the stay wires and wooks, the antennas I’m keeping.

So if anyone is interested, message me and we’ll sort something out.

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i’m interested in the tower ,just need to confirm something .will confirm tomorrow if its ok?

Yep, tomorrow is fine, sounds good.

Hey Reaper just a poke to remind you.

Thank for hosting your site and being part of CTWUG, hopefully your mast will help an area rebuilt the CTWUG in an area that needs it.

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thank you for your contribution mnr ,dibs if Reaper cancels

Hi there, thanks for ur contribution.
If the pole is still available I am interested in it? Pls let me know

If mr Naruto doesn’t take it, then I might :wink:

put me in the queue as well please. thank you

I’m gonna have to skip on this one chief.

when can i collect the tower.please let me know so i can make arrangements for collection.