Just some general information

Hi Guys i would like to ask a general question.
I own a small business in building construction etc and have internet at home via wireless isp
Can i setup a wireless link from my home to my office using the internet i get from my isp
from a legal point of view.
I dont want to break any laws or anything hence the reason i ask
Is this against icasa regulations ?

Thanks any inputs welcome
Kind Regards
Fawwaz Francis


My ISP is Durbanville based Edge Tech IT who installed a dish plus router. An installer said the router’s 4th port is reserved whereby a friend or family member can link up using my (prepaid) data connection. Contact details below.
Tel:021 981 1591
Support Cell: 060 765 2033 / whats app

Hi, from my limited understanding you may not transmit your connection over a boundary to a property you do not own.