Just testing new forum app version 2.0 before going live on playstore

Please ignore this post

Looks like this works!

Let’s test a file upload:

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Seems to be working, call me on tel:0821234567

I stopped @Jypels using my phone

Uploading works


Good stuff @Jypels seems to be working.
@mention me for notification

@Spin it will not send push notifications to your notification bar until it is setup server side…

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New shark tank at the aquarium, I assume fake rocks structure.


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testing different map format:

External Links testing:

And another

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Links not launching external browser

Working this side, aswell as the maps.

Maps just showing regular link

mine is, @JellyBean are external links working by you?

And map links not launching either

did you click on the map link? Should open your google maps

Yes, opened in Chrome

Map open fine as well

Do you think Spin owns a potato instead of an android phone?

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S5 so yes almost a potato. Using Chrome