Just testing new forum app version 2.0 before going live on playstore

Or tried installing on his pear/coconut… what is that fruit phone?

When I click a link the screen just sort of jumps / flashes and then I stay on the forum page. Expectation is for separate chrome window to open (or maps) right?

The pineapple 5? Its like the apple iphone but just a little shittier

Thats correct, version of android?

You laugh but this is in the mail:

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Running Android 6.0.1

Youtube link:

It should open in youtube app

@Spin i found a forum bug. Try adding a youtube link via web or mobile. It disappears but when you click edit its still there

Check out this link: https://youtu.be/9mHDAYutrC0


What about this video?

OK I see if it’s on a line on it’s own (to make onebox) it disappears.

yebo, but atleast youtube opens if you click on link

Yes it does. I don’t seem to be able to quote a post.

WE are on

Waiting for 1.9.0 stable to come out when I will upgrade forum again.Want to keep it on stable.

Like this?

Or on the app?

i think he is talking about app… will look into it

On web is fine, struggling from app.

Ja can’t select text

Yeah, hold to select text, I can see the quote flash, but it disappears.

Got quote working on mobile… but you have to be quick. Will need to set the dialog to remain there longer