Looking to connect to myhaven

Hi myhaven…I live down the road from u…all the people this side are full and have no place for me…do u perhaps have place for me? Even if it’s p2p…

I have moved your post(split) to new user support

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@davyb is the admin of this site, I also suggest booking the testkit from @sharkie and doing a 360 to see all your possible options

Sorry for the trouble but im still figuring out how this site works and what goes there and here as I’m conecting via my phone…and not my laptop…so if u could kindly forward this to the proper function…it would be highly appreciated…my Nick name is Curtis…my node is curtisvdm my tell number is 0614919023 and willing to pay…thanks in advance

The WUG is not a “service that you pay for”, it is a hobby and mutual interest for all of us. If you want to pay, rather save yourself the effort and pass on by.

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He means he is willing to pay for someone to assist him to connect.

Connecting to CTWUG network is off course free


Jip that’s what I meant…even though I know wug is free people don’t help for free it’s there time and effort that’s what I’m willing to pay for…@ogon thanks…also I’m looking for a test kit…before I buy my equipment…how do I go about?


Hi @Curtisvdm, wait for @sharkie to respond and he will sort you out.

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Test kit is out at moment. Will let you know when.it is available…