Mini PC vs Android box

So im in the market for a Nvidea shield. But then i got thinking…

Would a compact mini pc not be a better option? The advantages i see are

-ram and memory upgradeable
-os as well
-can simply create a windows share to copy my media files from my main pc to the media center mini pc

The only downside i can think of is that its slighly more difficult to get the airmouse remote control to work, but thata not a biggie
And it will probably need a a decent gpu.



Hi @TheClown,

Mini PC running Remix OS (Powerered by Android Marshmallow but for PC) would be my choice if you are going to use it as a media player. - Remix OS Link

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Mini Pc is better… all the advantages and you can just run bluestacks or a similar android emulator for the same effect and apps as the android box…

Or as @Firestarter saids :wink:

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I’m running plex on a Ubuntu server in a VM.

Don’t think you need a decent GPU as it will only play video.

Hands down the mini pc i always just use the Android box for the less technically minded

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Mini pc my vote…im running a NUC as media center …no issues with wireless mouse and keyboard combo
even the PEN pc with windows on is a gem

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Depends on the hardware. My HP Micro-Server for example was not designed to play videos (even with the correct display drivers) it struggles with video.

Remix is awesome but i would probably run win10 for simplicity.

Its just to run “the K word” anyway.

If I may ask, why in a VM when there is a native Linux Plex server?

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If for some reason I reload windows on my pc I can just start up the VM(I use VirtualBox) and all my services running on it is back.

i use a microserver with LP gpu modded bios 8gb ram windows and plex loaded and a rii i28c for wireless keyboard and mouse small enough also more then enough space for storage way better than my previous media player (Mede8er) so yes i would also say mini pc is best option more options and not limited like with media players

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Wait What? Link Please?

haha i see they have the Remix Mini Android PC on sale


gaan oor meer as net plex

I gave up on pc as I could not find a good streamlined way to incorporate youtube and netflix etc into a simple main menu. although i do use plex 70% of the time.

I also use streaming music.

So if you want to be able to use streaming music (internet like google music , deeser etc) i would suggest android based.

I got myself a xiaomi mi box. Which runs android tv that has google cast built in.

plex works flawless on it from my microserver.
google music.
casting from any device be it plex ,

not cheap:

but cheaper than nvidia

@tangmonster911, I know these well, I have the Minix Neo X8h Plus which is considerably better apart from the OS.
The Mini PC was just a 2nd option, and the problem with android boxes are that the OS gets outdated every 2 years or so. But now I have both :slight_smile:

If anyone else is reading this and wants to get an Android box, just look at the ram/rom (3/32 is best), and the OS (Right now I would look for an android 7 box, but not less than 6)

These boxes are really great , I have been totally happy with all my boxes over the last 5 years.
Will NEVER need DSTV, SABC, Netflix or anything similar.

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