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Anyone who wish to assist in setting up a free WiFi service for Schools, Businesses, Churches and the Community

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May you provide more info please

We are an Organization which represents a Residence Association of a very large Constituency.
Our Stakeholders are Instutions of Learning ( High Schools, Primary Schools, Early Learning, Adult Learning, Further Development and a College), Government Institutions ( Magistrate Court, Hospitals, Clinics,Traffic Department, Fire Station, Metro Police, Education Department and a very huge Rehabilitation Center for Hospital Patience to recover from Operations, Trauma, SAPS, etc ), Businesses ( Malls, Training Centers Shopkeepers and Industrial Areas ), Community ( Affluent and Disadvantaged ) and Transportation.

There are over a R100b earmarked by the City for further developments in the Transport, Housing and Businesses upgrades.

I think the info needed is what do you want from the WUG members? It’s all good and well to give a detailed layout of your organization but we need more info pertaining to what you want too have done and what kind of assistance you need

Thanks for your reply.

The detailed information is to give WUG community an insight with regards to the potential and magnitude of the Project.
The “need” is also in the detail of the information, where i am asking for guidance and assistance to establish free Wi-Fi.

Which options are viable for this Project: create an
ISP, Fibre Connections or maybe a Google Station or use your technology.
I am asking for guidance and assistance and help bring this Project to life.

I apologize for my previous reply to alpha-geek, where i did not stipulate or indicate what support we need from WUG, it’s a newbie omission

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so basically,you want to use ctwugs established infrastructure

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Thanks for the reply
Essentially some guidance as to what is the best option, but not discounted.
Therefore I am seeking guidance from your esteemed Forum and expertise, and assistance to set it up


No not necessarily, but not discounted. Advice and assistance and or participation from Members who might be interested

Sorry, just went thru your website, it looks like your intentions are honorable, but I feel like what you’re asking is beyond the scope of the few volunteers that are left contributing to CTWUG.


Thank you but don’t under estimate the power of one person, ask Ghandi, Mandela, and our founders of Facebook, Microsoft, Virgin Airlines and the list goes on.
One Member is already making a difference.


Remember the story of the Hen and it’s Chickens wanting to bake a Cake

I don’t regret joining this Forum and we will give feedback on our progress, feel free to contribute in your personal capacity.

Irfaan can you perhaps post more details. It seems there is a website? Which organisation is involved? Which organisation do you represent?

Hi, please see my introduction

What is the name of the organisation? And the website?

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I am the Interim Secretary-General for an Organization called Mitchell’s Plain Integrated Development Forum
We would like to bring free Wi-Fi to the entire Community and Businesses.
I joined the CTWUG Community two days ago and would like to engage your group

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@Irfaan.Tuch I missed the above post which was on a different thread entirely. I moved it to this thread as it makes more sense here. It makes more sense now.

For those that want to know more: (though it appears to be down at present)

@Irfaan.Tuch I think you should consolidate your replies on this thread. That way everyone can follow.

Who is available to assist in developing our Youth and Programs at Schools in IT , from IT Literacy to Programming , preparing them for the 4th Revolution

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I personally love these kind of project. Using the CTWUG for greater good. I don’t know how exactly we can assist but if only through awareness It would be good.

@Irfaan.Tuch it would be good to reply to this thread. As it puts all your replies in one place.