MSI Eazydebug Led showing dram is faulty

Hi everyone
My pc recently crashed and the led on the mb shows that the dram is faulty. Ive tested the ram in another pc and it works, so its definitely the motherboard. The warranty at evetech covers parts and labour for the first 12 months and the mb is a year and half old already so the remaining warranty is only for labour. Ive already tried resseting cmos which didnt help. So my question is has any wugger maybe experienced this issue? Is it fixable? I dont really want to pay shipping fees to evetech just so they tell me they cant fix it which would mean id have to pay for them to replace it and then pay for reverse shipping again. Id rather just buy a new mb locally. But any chance to salvage it without breaking bank?

Thanks Hope everyone has a good day

Give FULL PC SPECS please.

MSI B150m Mortar
i5 6600
16gb Ballistix Sport DDR4 Ram
1060 GTX 6gb

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