Need assistance connecting in parow park .hi i was advised that i could connect to Node Wesa its 547m from me could someone assist thanx

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hi my node name is grace2103 need to connect was advised that node wesa is 547m from please assist

Hi @raymac

I am not sure what is Wesa’s forum nickname. One way is to contact him via wind. or perhaps @TheClown can help here.

Kind regards

Unfortunately my lack of tech skills means I cat help (yet). @Ogon??

You will need to turn and scan for wesa Parow Park

@raymac, As Ogon said. The next steps for you :

  1. Get on your roof or from where the dish will be: Take pics in all directions and update them on your Node Page.
  2. Book the test Kit, and Do a Scan to PP to verify signal quality and LOS
  3. Post the results here .

If all checks out you will prob need a LHG5 or similar , but lets 1st get there.