Need routing to be done please (node konrad)

hi all,i need some help with routing please,i made a new connection to axeman, both sxt’s is up and running and connected, just need the routing settings, both sxt’s is factory rested, the username and pass are all default,can someone please help,thanks

Hello @konrad1

Did you move your link from @Jmongie to @Axeman? Or are you still connected to @Jmongie as well?

If you move the link, permission is required to configure static routing on @Axeman’s other router as well on @Baksteun’s side. The static route for your subnet will need to removed from the other 2 nodes as well.

I’ve PM’d you my number.

Kind regards

@dizzle I tried last night but there is no access to @axeman side so he will have to get me or you access to axe man side

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Axeman hasn’t been on the forum for 5 years. So if if @konrad1 has his/her number he should ask them personally to allow you access. Or ask them to reply on the forum

@meanACE moenie stress nie ek het vir axeman in die hande gekry dankie


ek check nou my reply lyk of ek dit kwaad bedoel het :joy: :joy: :joy:
sorry guys was just saying