Network rules and regulations

hi All.

I would like to enquire about a few things here.

I am heavily involved with Farm security systems and need some advice.

we have a area that is dead (no wifi and or cellphone signal)

I want to know what is the rules regarding seting up a High Sitie on a mountain in the area and what licensing is required.
There will be no internet involved at the high sites or at the stations (cameras sending info to NVR’s)

all this will be rerouted to a central point and from there will be sent via internet to the database (Number plate recognition and facial recognition)

this will also be tied to the national police database for tracing suspects and vehicles.

would i need to have a ICASA license as i will be using same type of equipment as CTWUG currently is using (free frequency)

Any help / feedback will be greatly apreciated



If its on your own property not crossing any borders I would say you can use the open frequencies.

As long as the property is not separated by a public road its all legal.

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ICASA’s involvement is two fold:

  1. Frequency spectrum licensing and/or allocations - You’ll be using “free” spectrum so no involvements there.

  2. VANS/ECN licenses:
    first: IANAL
    Whenever you transmit data for somebody else, or provide services to a 3rd party over this network, you are in fact a VANS provider and the ECN/etc. licenses should be acquired.
    As I see this data transfers/service, it falls into that category…

That said, as Leon mentioned: if this is all within your (client’s) own property, then it’s just a network for your use and nothing needed, it’s that “crossing public roads” and “borders” that makes things “fun” :slight_smile:

PS: ICASA do have offices in Century City you could knock on their door to get the directions etc.

thanks a mill. will do so