New node in Kraaifontein

Good morning,

I have a colleague who has plotted a node on WIND:

Viking:, node #16941.

It seems he is a street away from Razor. Would razor accept any new connections? If so, which equipment would be recommended?

Much appreciated! :smiley:

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@necrolyte, I have moved your post to the New User Support category.

@razor1 will get a quicker response.


Hey guys i have Omnitik right at the top of the mast so if he can see it he can connect to it :slight_smile: for the distance a SXT would work fine but i will say rather get a LHG5 just incase if he/me moves or something happens then he will still have a device capable of going further than a SXT but thatโ€™s all up to him


Awesome Razor, Iโ€™ll ask him to get on his roof first to look out for your Omni, then get him to buy a LHG