New Proposed links for Mercury

Dear Committee

Mercury is currently offline due to Prometheus going offline and other links previously. Speeds has also been poor in the SS since KM also went down. I’m proposing the Prometheus kits to be used to revive Mercury by getting the following links up:

  1. Link to Hyperlink
  2. Link to King02
  3. Link to Ariel
  4. Link to Stonehill

I’m willing to help here and get back into action like the good old days to restore connectivity and am planning to go up tomorrow at 10:00am and install the kits that are functional. I need to know if there are any objections as soon as possible. The equipment will still be CTWUG owned and we canl sign the necessary documentation afterwards if that is ok.

Should there be any objections, please let me know.

Kind Regards
Tafseer Abbas aka Hyperlink


@tafseer did the committee get back to you?

@tafseer I do not have any objection to these actions. Rather, I want to thank you for your assistance and help to get our fellow wuggers back online after the decommissioning of Prometheus.


Is it possible for the members that were on Prometheus to connect to mercury

Yes Gooey. It was agreed that its fine for Prometheus clients to connect to Mercury as there are a number of open slots. We will however keep around 4 slots for Mercury clients as most of them seem to be offline for reasons unknown.

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Thanks, do we use our current IP address or do we need new ones

Hi could you assist me in getting connected to Mercury, thanks Gus