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I used to connect to Snowy when he was staying in Brackenfell. I am struggling to get someone to reply to my connection request to TipSide. Can someone please let me know if I can connect via him.

@TipSide @Graphire @Shadow

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Hi @viper
I do not have access to the Tipside node but if you pm me I may be able to help.

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Hi @Shadow

Thanks for coming back to me. I will have to change the sxt and do a rescan. Will do a scan again tommorrow.

Vdubman I currently pick up on -79. tipside is on -56.

Thanks in advance.
Morne (Viper)

Hi @viper

I have connected you to the Shadow node. Welcome back to the WUG :slight_smile:
Let me know as soon as you have your LHG kit so I can help you with the upgrade.