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WiND Node (superman17144):
List your existing wireless equipment (but don’t buy anything):
Confirm with yes or no that [you’ve read the getting started guide] ( yes

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I need help to connect,Pls the gurus…I only get bad signal strength,anybody that can assist pls

will also help if u list the equipment u used to do the scans with and was if from your roof and how high and maybe post some photos from the view of your roof

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Wind (node) direct link ->

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Hi,Ok,I didn’t take any photos from roof…,but the scan equipment was quite high,approximately 3m above roof.I don’t know the type of equipment,but got it from RMX…

This was what I used to do scan

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Thats the testkit he got

Hi @Robby
Maybe try doing a scan to Summerville side for http.//
according to Wind you have LOS to Whitewolf

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Hoekom probeer jy nie vir Spanner nie?
Freq 5150


Ok,I’ll do another scan guys thx…

Thought I’d post his wind location for a better view


Thax guys…I’ll do another scan and see what I get…wil post results again.Any advise or tips when scanning?

@Robby did you use the “how to scan” guide from the wiki? I wanted to know if there were any issues with the instructions, or any improvements you want to suggest.


Yes ,@TheClown I used that guide,was grate…and easy to follow,especially for me ,being a newbie.Good…


Hi,I’m still only getting bad signals…i see @whitewolf is not too far,but for some reason I’m not getting his signal.I need advice anyone…i,ve also got Los…

Try doing a scan while holding pole in the air and tilting it a bit. Instead of having it mounted

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Thx will try and let you know

Hi Robby, I’m currently connected to Whitewolf on frequency 5140. Try scanning on that frequency and see what you come up with.


Thx,I will give it a shot…but tell me how does this frequency thing work?I’m not so sharp with this…

On the wireless tab there’s a “scan list” drop down which is most likely set to default. change it to 5140 and apply the setting and scan.

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Thx,@Helix i think that would be a grate help,…cant do a scan now but Wil do with my next scan