New user - Kraaifontein - Justicia Street

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I used to connect to Hunted when I stayed in Uitzicht. I now moved to Justicia Street in Kraaifontein and I’m struggling to get someone to reply to my connection requests. Can someone please let me know if I can connect via them?

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Your basic options as follows:

Acidice - You would most likely be blocked by those duplexes
Coms - You would most likely be blocked by those duplexes
Nemesis - Fair possiility

On connecting to Nemesis (846m according to WiND) you would most likely require something stronger than your SXT. Once I have the test kit back from @Elastico, you are more than welcome to collect to do the necessary scanning to confirm decent LOS…


Thanks! I’ve got the SXT mounted on the roof and can scan with that for now. Will post results soon.
If the SXT doesn’t cut it, I’ll have to upgrade.


As per @Stiaanm he is correct but the best is do the scan and lets have a look


Hi there. Did the following scan in direction of Nemesis. Please see

We can see NoWires from our roof, but I don’t think he has anything pointing in my direction. See below:

What equipment was used for the scan, also how high up was the device? Signal is a bit low, may have to scan from a bit higher up?

The radio is just a bit higher than my roof. It’s a SXT Lite5. Will see if I can get it higher up.