New User Oakglen needs assistance

Hi guys I’m a new user in Oakglen,Bellville wanting to connect to the WUG my node name is voc #16666 also any ideas on which equipment will be suitable for this area thanks in advance guys

Please check link below for first contact

You should be speaking to @Diabolix & @Jypels. Sure they will sort you out

Please dont buy any kit until you have spoken to them.

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thanks Gekido! i won’t buy anything yet



Node: Vdubman Oak Glen #15863 has an Omni Up and he is 150m from you.

@Graphire is the registered admin of the site on Wind. @Graphire would you be able to assist him please? Or who does he need to speak to?

Hi there @voc

I was just scanning through the forum posts and stumbled upon this one.
I have checked WIND and saw that you have not been connected to any node since the last post.

I have recently received confirmation from @Vdubman that his node will be moving to a different location soon… not too far away from its current location though. According to WIND you will still have a clear LOS to the new location but a physical scan needs to be done from your node to verify that there are no trees etc. that will influence the link.

If you are still interested we may be able to help with a link as soon as the vdub setup has moved.