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Hi ive been intrigued by the CTWUG. so i got me a SXTG-5HPacD. its mounted and currently on.
made my wind account. and created my node(abubakr) but i have no idea what to do next.
im a techie so im here to learn :slight_smile:

I probably shouldn’t have got the equipment 1st. lol anyway… when i go into the router its always “searching for network”
is that normal?

How do i get on the WUG grid like all the cool kids?
Im from Wynberg. my node is (abubakr)
my router is above ceiling level but i can extend it to above roof level.

oh and i tried reading the full getting started wiki but i get a 403 on step 3 ???

Yeah, that’s 100% true.

I believe an IP range will need to be provisioned for you from one of the Network Admins.

anyway from Wind I see you are trying to/interested in connecting to the Mercury HS. Can you do a quick scan with your SXT pointing in all directions (360 degrees) to see what the results are and post them here?

You can do it as follows:

The results should be something like this:

Depending on the results above you might have to tinker with the height of the SXT - also note that, it’s best to have Line of Sight with the HS (In other words you should be able to see the building with the sector on it)



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thanks Diesal & the Clown

so i did a scan and thats what i got.

then i did a 360 and the best signal i got was from “ottery-silvermist”

and i could connect to it

im not sure what node it is on wind though.
Il probably extend my router higher eventually, but what do i do next?

No the addresses you need to look for MUST start with http://ctwug… As prt the instructions. That is not a ctwug node.

Use winbox

Also set your scanlist to 5000-6000 instead of default

great thanks guys.

so i finally got the router higher.

got a signal to http://ctwug.za.net/Mercury3 with a strength of -63, which should be fine right?

whats the next step?
i added a link as a client on wind already to http://ctwug.za.net/Mercury3
because when i connect it just keeps on searching for signal.
do i change my ip of router?