[NODE] Aquarat

This is a general thread/topic about the aquarat node in the Sontraal Valley area.

Aquarat has an 802.11ac-capable link via a 30dbi Mikrotik Dish and Netmetal to Pot. Aquarat also has a 2.4GHz link out to Hoektoe (which is inactive at the moment?!?) and most importantly Aquarat also has a sector.

The sector is 5GHz, 802.11n dual chain.

Weet enige iemand wat op Aquarat se sector is waar die fout is?Kan nie connect van gister af nie.
Dankie as iemand dalk kan help

Sorry en of die probleem dalk verder af is?


Eskom, sorry but will only come on again on Monday :frowning:

Is there anyway that we can help to prevent this in future?Seeing as we wil have eskom downtime more often now?
I know that eskom effects everybody on the wug.Just want to solve the problems in our are and not great more.

It’s on my list, I’ll get it sorted on Monday - it causes a LOT of hassle for me too.

Everyone :

Someone decided the frequency the sector was on was really sexy and decided to use it for themselves… as a result nasty packet loss started happening and average ping times went past 350ms…

I’ve done a scan and luckily there are lots of nice open frequencies, so I’ve now switched the sector to 5390 MHz.

To change to the new frequency, log into your RB :
Go to Interfaces -> double click your wireless interface -> click the “wireless” tab.

Change Frequency to 5390 and change scan list to 5390. Click apply. Do not change anything else.

Your RB will then associate with the sector and all will be happy again :smiley: .

Please also create a login on your RB for me and send me the username and password via PM on the forum. The sector on aquarat was set up a long time ago, back when I knew nothing… and as a result it’s non-standard and very messy. I want to clean this up in the next week but it will cause some IP changes. So Please send me a PM, so I can advise you of the story once everything is set up. We’ll run both ranges together for a while so you can all switch properly without downtime.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Aquarat
Just 1 thing i aint got 5390.Please advise.


I got it sorted

Thanks aqua vir al die moeite!

Hi Sol1

I should have mentioned, your device’s Frequency Mode must be on “superchannel” and Country set to “Ireland”.

Yes thanks i got it working that way wil just change to Ireland now. Lol
Could u please let me know when i can come around to drop off your present?When it suits u.

Thanks for the hardwork Aquarat

Naand Naand, enige update op die sector oor doen?

Miskien nou is 'n goeie tyd… gaan kyk

OK, new range is 172.18.4.x . Gonna start adding stuff now.

Stuff Added : I have allocated these ranges and configured your RBs to use them :
Remember to add these IPs to your Wind Profile and delete your old IPs.

Hellbinder :
Your LAN range is : - this translates to usable (62 is your rb). Your gateway is A DHCP server on your RB is enabled.
Bandwidth Test : Tx gets less than 16mbps, Rx gets 58mbps.

Sol1 :
Your LAN range is now : - this translates to usable (46 is your rb). Your gateway is Your RB doesn’t appear to have the DHCP package installed.
Bandwidth Test : Tx gets 26mbps, Rx gets 35mbps.

relax dude, dus laat , thanx vir die moeite ma relax ons kan more dit deur hardloop

Dankie vir al jou moeite though

Hi Aquarat
Thanks I got it running and changed everything on wind also.Thanks for all the work u do for us!!!

thanks aquarat!!! Im back on!!! Thanks for all your help

And just when everything started running nicely a PSU blew… trying to get it going now.

Yes it always works that way! Lol
Thanks for update

So now everything is up on my side - replaced PSU and main outdoor cable, but the high-site is down… not sure what’s going on. If it doesn’t come back on by itself I’ll go there on Monday again and try and work out what’s up with the power supply/try and find an alternative :frowning: .

I have spare PSUs/injectors if you require. Just let me know

have u guys got UPS on site?, could maybe donate a small 650