[Node] Morne04

Hi all,

Thanks to the help of the wug community(sol1, Wacko141, Ogon, Diabolix, forgive me if I forgot somone) we have a nice new link on my roof with some grand ideas for expanding the network through Sonstraal Heights and the Durbanville area.

Plans are as follows:

  1. Busy chatting with hoektoe to aquire some of his hardware, as far as our “research” goes there are no active links to his site. Should have confirmation of this soon. Hoping for a sector…
  2. We want to create a link between Morne04 and sol1, and then from sol1 to the “outside” in order to try and get some reduncency should one of the Callisto or Morne04 links be down.
  3. sol1 and I have volunteerd to be first contact for the Durbanville area, we have added our details to the wiki page, and have created a mail address for this specific purpose: ctwug.durbanville@gmail.com
  4. At this stage anyone wanting to connect can contact me. PTP links at this stage, and only have 2 ports open on my RB750(one reserved for Jypels-Bobby23).

sol1 and I will keep this Thread updated with all new activities.

Thanks again for everyones help so far!!

Hello , im HOEKTOE

One of my old high school friends ( Morne - Morne04 ) now lives in the area and would like to reignite the expansion in Sonstraal Heights area in Durbanville as well as expansion for more redundancy.

As such I will be donating all my hardware to him to setup a better highsite and help others in the area. Thus I am asking for all of you who have hardware on my site to allow him to use it. He especially wants to use the sector to ensure that most of current users can reconnect. Sector should ensure he can accommodate most of the people. See link to his node.

Also aquarat is apparently moving overseas thus this is needed.

I cannot remember who’s is who’s ,nor can I have a look as I am in living in Johannesburg and just my family still in the home.

Email for the area : ctwug.durbanville@gmail.com


It’s refreshing to finally see some of the Durbanville guys taking charge! Great job Morne04 and Sol1. If you guys need any help the #Ctwug-Bellville guys are always willing :slight_smile:

Sup guys, would be good if I could get reconnected. Not sure if the Uitzicht area falls under Durbanville still?

@faulty_it , just had a look at your node. Doesn’t seem to be anyone remotely close to whom you have LOS atm. Unless you are willing to get a big dish and do a long link to someone willing to assist and that you can actually see.

Yeah quite tough this side of the hill XD I am also not sure what the body corporate is like here

I cleaned up my WIND Account a bit. @Jypels old node that I hadn’t removed as yet. New one is #13701.

So that’s where I am at.