Node stiaanm disassembly from this weekend onward

With my site drastically reducing in height, I will not be able to maintain some links that I have at the moment. I have looked & discussed possibilities for these links to be taken over with some site owners that agreed to help:

Node wolffie - Taking over Anglosaxon and NemesisKfn links.
Node Coms - Taking over Nightsight link

Links to be dropped temporarily:
Darksaint (hoping to get this one back up, not sure if my new height would allow this)

Affected people/nodes:

  • Anglosaxon HS feeds Stoof as well as psyBorg, thus these sites and their clients will be down completely once I remove the feed (some 25-30 nodes in total). These should be short-lived (I hope), as wolffie would be able to supply feed from around 17 September onward.
  • NemesisKfn HS feeds BadBoy (12-odd clients) which feeds dade (12-odd clients), and has around 20-odd clients. Once my link disapppears, the only uplinks would be Sandman (not sure if that is up, building his side) and Brackrat (via dade/BadBoy). I do realise that the Brackrat link does minimal traffic, will try gett wolffie feed sorted ASAP (as per above dates)
  • Nightsight HS (around 6 clients) would also be affected, should be sorted in short period of time with Coms-takeover.
  • Eris HS has no clients, and would be taken down permanently
  • stiaanm sector clients can try reconnect, but unfortunately most would fail due to trees around me. I expect to lose around 6 clients total with this.

Removal of my equipment will start this coming weekend with the non-essentials being first to go. If you lose connectivity, this would be why…

Requirements (at this time):

Anglosaxon link: 1 X Dish & RB
Nemesiskfn link: 1 X Dish & RB
Nightsight link: 1 X Dish & RB

What we have:

  • RB912 to be used from Coms, dish would be required.
  • Old 30dB dish with RB was donated to Anglosaxon-link

What we still need (at this point):
2 X dish
1 X RB

If any of you have any of the required equipment lying around, please consider donating towards the above links. An alternative would be to donate some money via the CTWUG bank account towards the Kraaifontein area, which can the be used to buy some new goodies for this.


Slightly off topic… but why is it reducing in height?

never mind… got it

Just a final heads-up:

With only one non-essential remaining, this weekend will see the removal of some of the essential links running up to a complete removal of all equipment so the mast can be dropped next weekend. Once dropped, the must will be cut to the bite-sized pieces that I am allowed to have. This would most likely be that my side may be down for up to 2 weeks in total for some people.

Once up, provided the necessary equipment/funds have been acquired, links will start going up again to affected highsites. I personally do not think that the 3 donations (total R1500-00) for this is going to get all of these up, so some may have either no WUG or slow WUG once my site is active again. My appreciation to for Orthochick an Rainie that each did a R500 donation towards this.

Note that the above will be done earlier rather than later to make provision for weather conditions that may deteriorate…

OK, the tower came down, and the COCT spec length went back up…

Although the box is mounted again, it may take a couple of days to get the rest that can connect back up. Please bear with me, I unfortunately have to put the day-job first…

A special thanks to Itme, Nightsight and especially Coms for the assistance in getting the monster down


Hi Stiaan. Gregorian here. What can I do to help? I connect through Badboy so I am down as well. Donation?

Donations is what is desperately needed yes. To get Anglosaxon, Nemesis as well as Nightsight up, we require another 2 dishes with one RB (we have 2 RB’s and 1 dish)

Basically I am looking at R1820 per dish (Mikrotik dish can be swung to make it a Slant dish), and a Netbox at R1570. We have R1500, so we need another R3710 to be able to mount kit to get these links up again…

Hi @Stiaanm donation made yesterday should be reflecting today or soon i hope

Just update-wise: This is sort of what would be happening my side. The tower on the left still needs to be bolted down, currently has Callisto-dish on it. Signal is a bit down, will see if I can get it better (combined throughput is currently around 110Mbps)

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Hi @Stiaanm where does one make the donation? I would also like to donate a little something towards this.

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Just donate via CTWUG account to Kfn area…


@Stiaanm dus min ma dus in. All best guys with getting everything up again.


Baie dankie baas, elke bietjie help…


vir die wat belang stel as julle my kan sien of wil moeite doen dan kan julle kyk om link te maak na my toe ook het n dish en rb wat wat tans as n test kit gebruik word wat ek kan op sit


nemesis het n oop rb en 30dbi dish?

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As jy daai een kan link sal dit nice wees, behoort dinge redelik te kan streamline na al die kante toe…


Hey Stiaan,

Kom nou net agter my Wug is af en kom soek op die forum 'n rede… nou het ek dit…

Ai ai ai… wat kan 'n man dan se…

Ek sal donation maak… hoop dit help…

Baie dankie, enigiets help…

Done and dusted… hoop jul kom reg…

Another update:

Wolffie is connected again, although some heavy tuning would be required

Also, my sector is up, surprised at some of these that actually still see me

Some attention would be required on some sector clients