Northpine Mast (DonnyDK)

Hi Guys

Northpine Mast completed just for a few more stay wires but all good
I will be starting this evening transferring the equipment to the mast and scanning for more incoming links.

Please if anyone can lend me a harness the length is 14.6m up and bit scary and unsafe with out one …

Thanks to all the guys for assisting and also ,
Lawr from Mplain for the welding and hardwork :slight_smile:


Great work Donny now maybe I can get connected from work aswell lol

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All the hardwork, donations and team work from Northpine wuggers and surrounding wuggers :slight_smile:


We have a safety harness in Bellville which you can borrow when you need to climb.

Just organize with @Zassie


Thanks will let you know when iam going up :slight_smile: do you think its possible for link from bellville ?

Nope winds says no go for a link :frowning:

Well that was quick lol

I see possible link to Nesquick thats linked to your side maybe have a chat with Him

CTWUG also has two. Please do not climb up without a harness.


Nope wont get up there without harness safety first :slight_smile:

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See this:

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I currently look after the bellville harness,

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via PM on here should you guys like to use it!

I generally reply rather quickly as i get e-mail notifications to my phone, then we can arrange to pick up should you need it :slight_smile:

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Sweet thanks will definitely call on someone for a harness Will message Zassie and see if i can borrow that one

Is there someone that sells it would like to also invest in one and a hardhat …

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@Skouperd this could be interesting and might be worth while

Ok here is my thought train if a Link between Nesquick and Donny is possible…

Currently KFN is sitting with a big problem as they have a limited amount of Backbone links leaving the area. Most traffic is going over the StiaanM - Callisto link atm…

If we can get @DonnyDK connected to @razor1 or @Sandman. And we then make a link between Nesquick and DonnyDK. We should have plenty of BW available for this as I am currently linked to @skouperd and skouperd is linked to nesquick.

This wil all be dependant if Donny can actaully see Nesquick though


Even better plan…

Link Skouperd directly to Donny. I see LOS is perfect


excited to get it running … i should be able to see and los :slight_smile:

KFN will be better with a nice back bone link … will gather the guys again for that project


If @Skouperd is happy with this I would suggest to get a 30dbi dish and Netbox on your end so that we can run some AC that way. Also make sure that your link to @Razor1 is fast (Also AC preferable) as most if not all of KFN traffic will route over this link.


Link between me and razor 400mm Dual dish with RB911 will that do ?

If we need to upgrade will chat with KFN guys


donny that looks good bro.



sorry, just seen these now.

  1. You will not be able to connect to nesquick. He is in a complex and is merely connecting to me via a small sxt mounted inside his bathroom.
  2. My pole is full at the moment but as discussed via whatsapp, I am not happy with the way skouperd-squash is currently performing so the plan is to potentially remove that link and rather get squash to link to say llenergy (who I have a proper link with)
  3. Based on point 2 above, if we can get a dish that is powerful enough for the link, and it is the same size or smaller than my current Dynadish, then we can definitely look at a link from Skouperd to Donny.
  4. I will not waste time with anything but proper kit, read AC kit, and the link must ideally exceed 100Mb or else it will just be frustrating for all. (Squash is not doing that hence looking for alternatives for it.)

have you managed to run scans in my direction?