Pandora - Madwand link problem


At this point it seems that there is a connection issue between the high site Pandora and Madwand. Is there someone that can get this to work again ? No one connected to Madwand can access anything on the WUG.

Thanks in advance :grinning:

Use @NetworkAdmins so that they can see


Thanks for that. So @NetworkAdmins can one of you please assist with the link between Pandora and Madwand ? It has been down for quite a while now :cry:

It seems the site (Pandora) needs a reboot I’ve ask @Ironman to create me a login or reboot the core

Thanks Ironman

The router ospf seems to die every few days as per Ironman, I fixed a small issue and added a watchdog so that if it happens again in future the core will reboot itself.

Thanks Ogon and Ironman! I see all is working now :grinning::grin::grinning:

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Ek hoop dit werk, Thx Ogon


@NetworkAdmins Hi , lyk my Pandora het weer een of ander probleem. Sal iemand asseblief weer daarso kan kyk? Sal baie waardeer!

Dit lyk of Pandora self af is

Pandora is weer aan TX @Jypels dat jy loop loer het.

Wonderlik! Baie dankie ! @Jypels alles werk mooi die kant .

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@NetworkAdmins or @jypels please can you assist again? link has been down for 2 weeks now :frowning:

also see Ironman-Pandora Link