Plattekloof 3 and new users

Hi Sage,

I still think Pluto will be your best bet, but as i said by email, we will need to scan for it to check.


@darkwing Many thanks for your direct help, I did some work and plotted the options you gave me.

Hopefully the image attached shows - but it’s clear that the road to Atlas is fraught with blocking buildings and trees(?). The option to Pluto is a ‘maybe’ that I’m really hoping I just might get lucky with. It depends on the gap between the buildings lining up, AND whether the blue gum trees in the green belt let enough of a signal through…

I sent a WiND email to sandman regarding the test kit, so we can hopefully check…

Hello all,
Can’t seem to raise any response from sandman et al via WIND or repeat emails…and Ive been patient since November … does anyone know the whereabouts of these folks or the testkit?

Just need to do that scan and see if Pluto is our best bet, then get some advice on what the correct setup could potentially be.

Try @. You never know… @Sandman


Only seeing this now, was out of country for work. contact me on 0826139269 or whatsup and we can arrange the testkit for u

@Sandman can we arrange an email for you? I’ve found that the wiki lists your old ctwug email as your contact details for test kit. Users contact you on this email, but you haven’t renewed this email with me when I moved the server. The emails doesn’t arrive then.

Test kit is kept by:
Nick: Sandman

The above is from

See the thread on how to arrange an email:

Hi Spin

Yes pls can u use email address as i cant change this on the wiki as my usser naam and password dont match.


I’ve updated your Wiki user “Sandman” with that email. You should be able to reset your password and edit the page.


Thank you very much Spin

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Hello all,
Still struggling to get on the roof - its a bit steep, but I have scanned as much as I can get to via upstairs windows, balcony, etc
First up - I’m surprised how ‘busy’ the 5Ghz band is … 211 entries found…
Ok, yes, some are faint and could also be reflections, but still - I thought 5Ghz was less used than 2.4 :astonished:

I know I do need to get onto the roof to really determine the best signals, but the good news is that I do see some of the ctwug, which has given me some hope tonight.

That’s one long list :shocked:

Did a bit of a scan at the front of the house by standing on the wall, over the SAPS Forensic building - managed to pick up Pluto’s sector … but only at -82 as I was not high enough to lift the dish above the trees.

Any wuggers who could help me get onto the roof?

Have one potential link, have sent a message on WiND but posting here too @HackaJack

Maybe we can chat, and see if we can expand the links around here?

He was last seen Jan 30, '12 :scream:

Crap! Just when I thought I was getting somewhere with a potential link…:sob:

HackaJack is still active according to Tracert though

Thanks, did email him too - and can see the signal so he is surely active, just not here on the forum…

Think your best option is pop around his place with a 6 pack :slight_smile:

Yep, like this? :smile:

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Hackajack still has an active node and a sector, but won’t let anyone else connect to him, I have a node 2 houses away from him and have had to connect them to Pluto.

I have emailed, phoned and whatsapp’ed(which he has read) and still no reply.

we are putting a sector up at Atlas soon, do you think you will be able to see that?

otherwise what about a point to point link, maybe we can find you one in one of the areas below you, but then you would need to buy the equipment for both sides of the link.