Private Beta invitation -- monitor your WiFi performance using a Pi3

I’m a co-founder of a Cape Town based startup named Cape (yes, really - We help people monitor and troubleshoot Wi-Fi quality remotely using our custom-built ARM-based WiFi sensors and a super simple web-based dashboard.

We’ve just started a private beta for people interested in testing their WiFi using readily available hardware. Here are the highlights:

  • Runs on the Pi3
  • Free access to our cloud service (dashboard, analytyics, reporting), with limitations on some features
  • Always-on testing of latency, jitter, packet loss, rf conditions and more, 24/7
  • Ships as a stand-alone image and all setup is done on the cloud - just provide power and ethernet

If anyone has a Pi3 lying around and is interested in keeping an eye on the performance of their WiFi at the office or at home, drop us an email at and we’ll get you up and running. It’ll be great for us to get feedback at this early stage.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the company / product here. I hope this is posted in the appropriate category :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting. Is this for home wireless only. We have a lot of wireless links in this network but these are over longer distances than home WiFi. Doesn’t sound like it would be used for that?

It would be best suited to testing the same WiFi that your phones / laptops connect to at home or the office. It would most likely (depending on how you configure it) be testing services over those links, so they would be included in the testing. Our paid solution is used by IT managers of large enterprises, malls, hotels, stadiums etc. in SA and the US

The fact that you guys are using WiFi for back-haul isn’t too relevant, but my assumption is that you could all provide quality feedback since you know WiFi.

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Would be curious but don’t have a pi3. Does it run on any other hardware?

That’s all we’ve built an image for at the moment. We’re running on Debian, so hardware options are a bit limited (we looked at open wrt, but it’s a lot more work for us and for people wanting to get it up and running). We could potentially get it going on an Odroid C-2 with external USB WiFi, but I think even fewer people are likely to have access to that than the Raspberry Pi 3.

I have a wandboard quad lying about. Has built-in wifi and there is Debian 8 image for that. Haven’t tried the Debian image.

Probably not common though. But if your software easy to install on top of debian it should work, unless you mess with low level stuff.

We mess with low-level stuff :frowning:

We’re looking at building a simple debian package in future that would run on any hardware, but at the moment we do a lot of stuff with network namespacing to isolate network interfaces. This ensures that DNS etc is being tested correctly on WiFi and not running over ethernet. It also allows us to test ethernet and WiFi simultaneously without interference. This does mean we have to build an image specifically for the hardware we’re targeting for now.

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Anyone using this from CTWUG? Are you still looking for volunteers?

We have quite a few people testing it out in the US, but no one in SA yet (outside the company that is - we’re all using it at home)