Skyler the rescued husky. Follow up

Hi guys! I just wanted to actually post a follow up on my post from a while back about Skyler our rescued husky.

First of all i want to thank everyone for their support of the cause! We didn’t reach our target but the support and little donations we got did help. She is doing much much better now and is back to her old (young) , healthy, active and playful self!

Thanks again for everyone’s support! I will be posting some pictures later tonight of her as well as some before pictures. I just need to get to my pc as my phone does not want to upload the pictures currently.

Thanks again and enjoy your week further! :grin::grin::pray::pray:





Yo dude gimme a call 08335561594 we need to chatcre skylar

i still can’t get wrap my head around how people can neglect pets. She looks good keep up the good work