Ster Kinekor Tygervalley 3D cinema Sucks!

Twice I have gone to see a movie in 3D and twice I have been unhappy. :frowning:

First time was with Avatar, it was still in the hotter months and the air-con was broken in the cinema. It took then about 3 weeks to fix and then the movie was not showing anymore. Yeah, I asked myself as well, how can it take 3 weeks to fix an air-conditioner?

Second time was last night, and wanted to give it another try, just to be turned away again!! The movie in question, Clash Of The Titans. This time there was something wrong with the projector’s lens lamp. WTF!!! They have 10 movie theaters at Tygervalley!! Do you really want to tell me they do not have a backup projector in case of emergency? A big organization like Ster Kinekor should surely have a backup on hand? Well this seemed not to be the case. All showings of Clash of The Titans was suspended till further notice.

One guy drove all the way from Malmesbury to come see the movie, he booked online so they did not want to refund him and he had to take a voucher to see any other movie at any time he likes. They tried the same with me, but I bought the ticket at their Tygervalley counters earlier the same day and demanded my cash back. After about 20 minutes of a struggle they eventually gave my money back.

Another couple was there with their son on his birthday to come watch the movie the little guy wanted to see on his birthday, shame the poor lad was looking so sad, I thought he was gonna cry.

This is the last time Ster Kinekor will see me, I will rather drive to Canal Walk to go to NuMetro Cinemas in future.

This is just me warning you guys and gals not to be disappointed as well, rather go to a cinema that has working equipment.

I’m not all that clued up on the 3D cinema’s but don’t they need a different projector? That could be the reason that they don’t have a backup one yet. But even so that is no excuse. I have also received pretty shocking service there awhile back. So i stick to Canal Walk. Movies are expensive so you must be happy where you go.

3D requires dual projectors with polarising lenses fitted, not your standard projectors. I also did a sweat box avatar session. Thanks goodness for Discovery Vitality I only paid R28 however, I should get vitality health points back for that sauna session.