Whats up with Mercury

Hi all, for the last couple of weeks I have notices either a dip in the speeds or no traffic flowing through at all. connection to the sites stays up but no traffic flowing… its a strange one

Not that strange

The moonfruit-mercury link is the issue.

Possible Solutions

The link should be disabled and stay disabled until upgraded.
This link could be removed from the network.
Find a new home for this link if the Moonfruit link to Mercury is being removed.
When the link is working it syncs at 45/45mbs which for a dualpole link is very bad and the performance is below old ospf standards.


The Ariel link to Mercury is not running at the moment as the Ariel side still needs to be upgraded. The upgrade is to rockect xprisms with 45degree slant dishes I can’t wait to see how they perform.


Still needs to decide where their link must be pointed or just find a new home for this dish that is doing nothing for more than two years now.


Can a @NetworkAdmins please disable this link? 100% packet loss for two days and counting.

I’m having a look see now.

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I pinged the wrong address that’s why it was pinging out

Link still needs to be upgraded though

When the ariel upgrade happens this link will become a bottleneck on mercury.

Hi All

i checked today and saw that issue has returned, you guys might already be aware of it though. i do a scan then i connect to mercury, connect speeds are very slow though, shortly after it would just disconnect, then have to reconnect to flowing the process again. Could someone have a looksee please

i gave up buddy , getting an admin available is another story.
i tried troubleshooting before contacting anyone as i thought it was internal reconfigured routers(B315`s) e.t.c.
eventually gave up and disconnected connectivity to Mercury.

Does anyone have a list of issues with Mercury so that the admins can start tackling them. Last we were up there @Bouncer,@Ogon and I installed the new AC link to Ariel & the Powerbeam to Prometheus.

I believe that the link to Prometheus needed to be reset?

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After a little bit of a struggle I got the TS1 on Prometheus rebooted

This link needs to happen asap, getting the people to do it is a different issue.

Needs to be close to a windless day and not raining.

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another strange finding during the week Monday to Friday connection is fine, but Friday Night, through to Monday Morning connection is lost or o traffic is flowing through. its as if its disabled for a set time.

ok the error doesn’t happen over the weekend as previously thought, its been down since Friday past, what i do find is that when i run a scan for a few seconds and the close it, it reconnects instantly for short while and then disconnects… not sure what is causing the connection to be re-established and disconnections. its seems as if the site looses its connection to where ever its connecting too…

Did you check your logs in winbox?

will check them tonight, please let me know where go and what should i look out for?

Not sure but it kinda sounds like a security related issue? Wireless
security password?

Hi Garth on my side or on Mercury

Well usually on the AP side. I’m not familiar with equipment of choice out that side but a simple WPA/WPA2 security password could cause your temp connect disconnect problem… then again if you using something like the popular MikroTik LHG 5 24.5 dBi 5GHz Outdoor Grid CPE it could also simply be a matter of switching from station/station bridge to bridge… the admin can best advise because he familiar with the equipment

ok waiting the admins to investigate. the weekend past I had to scan to establish a connection continuously, Monday Morning connection was stable up on too 1pm the afternoon. i am not technical so not sure what to do or look for…

I’m still waiting on your logs?

How do I get the logs, I see the logs one inbox but it’s dated 1970