Wireless Benchmark

Hey guys so here is another Benchmark.

Dowload this: speed calc.xlsx (10.2 KB)

Add your your wireless speed and distance to the excel sheet and it will calculate your benchmark score

Post it here :slight_smile:

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Would be nice if we can factor distance in to get a score.

Thinking irblitz-bigbang and ironman-bath will feature high on the list then.

Fully agree X2…

Good idea Ogon. But I think we should have two lists then. As the current list is for raw speed regardless of the distance. I’ll add another list to the 1st post that works on a points factor for distance and speed.

Please correct me if I am wrong but I don’t agree here, the end result of the bandwidth test is that it got that amount of data to/from the devices. Could perhaps throw in a ping result but I’m pretty sure these two ridiculously expensive Mimosa devices do well there.

Putting two sxts 100m apart and getting great speed is cool, a 40km link on 20mhz channel width doing 120mbs combined is plain awesome.

Offcourse this thread is for the bandwidth test and distance doesn’t matter.

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It could look something like this, I took the the link distance in km and devided it by 100 then multiplied it with the bandwidth test results. This is just to get a smaller mark number.

Site A 	  	Site B		Bw-Test	KM 	   Mark
Jypels		Skouperd	1102	3,962   43,66
Jypels		Giftand 2	318		0,639	2,03
IO		    Bigbang	    297		0,692	2,06
Deantowers	Leda		230		5,23	12,03
Ironman	    Bath		120		28	    33,60
Irblitx		Bigbang	    120		40	    48,00
Ogon		Firestarter	75		1,453 	1,09

Maybe someone can come up with a better formula where my link can score a bit better:grinning:

well that formula throws it way out of proportion :smile:

Distance factoring is a hard one, your method doesn’t make sense as it is saying that a link that pushes say 75mbps over 3km is more impressive that a link pushing 300mbps over 1km?

on 3km using AC your wasting hardware if you push less than 100mbps on even 20mhz spectrum…

I know

That why is said [quote=“Ogon, post:29, topic:7985”]
Maybe someone can come up with a better formula where my link can score a bit better:grinning:

The bigbang-irblitz is in my opinion the best link on wug, you got it running on 20mhz AC 40km link doing 120mb plus. But off course its just an opinion.

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speed calc.xlsx (10.2 KB)

Use the attached document to work out your Wireless benchmark score :wink:

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Taking the current top ten list to see what there benchmark test are

TOP 10 Fastest wireless links on CTWUG:

  1. @Jypels - @Skouperd (1102mbps using Mimosa B5c radios)
  2. @Jypels - @Giftand 2 (318.85mbps using Ubiquity 25Db AC ISO powerbeams)
  3. IO - Big_Bang (297.25mbps using Ubiquity 25db AC powerbeams)
  4. DeaneTowers-Leda (220mbps using 30db dishes and RB-Netbox’s)


  1. 96
  2. 28
  3. 25
  4. 29

Deantowers would move into second place because of the longer distance

Thanks @jypels for making (what I consider) a good benchmark

@jypels can you when you have time do a bw test on the bigbang-irblitz link so we can score it?

So with my 600m link with two PowerBeam M2’s, my score looks pretty low, but it really is not a bad link :joy:


Nemesiskfn-stiaanm (wind is rough, absolutely killing it)

Think the best thing to show in this test would be the actual traffic on the interfaces, BWtest would not be reliable as it would not include other traffic running on the device

Or you could disable OSPF on the link while doing the test (as you probably should in any case).