Wugger Spotted this morning :)

Hey guys

Wugger spotted this morning :slight_smile:

Where can i get stickers like this for my car :slight_smile:

Sorry for my Bad Cam lol


there is a meeting next week saturday.
the guys usually sell the stickers there at meeting by the door, same desk you pay for raffle. You gna join bro ? (Long time no see )
I will be there for a short while.

reference post

Will be attending a archery competition my two daughters are like the arrow lol …
Normally it doesn’t take them long so yea will pop in at the meeting


Bietjie laat om te reply maar jy kan miskien vir @Tubby vra hy weet gewoonlik waar.

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Reminded me of this thread and in particular this post:

Could be @Diabolix

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Spot a Wugger almost every morning on N1 driving to town with a blue chico
I will found u
I will kill you
if you dont give my sticker back :sunglasses:


are you going to arrange for more stickers and/or who does ? :sunglasses:


think there will be bumber stickers available at AGM

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That might be me :wink:

Work in Pinelands, will be looking for your sticker after the wug meeting.

I have a bunch of CTWUG bumper stickers at home somewhere… :stuck_out_tongue:

Bring to the meeting and we will sell them for donations. Looks like the stickers can replace the rebate…




how much are the stickers?

for you R50 each buy 2 for R80

Have you got any at home Tubby want two please …

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no will sell at agm…