Wugmail 2.0 - [you]@ctwug.za.net

Updated first post of this thread with details on the pop/smtp servers.

hi i can’t access ctwug mail at all since i got the new login details other people in kfn area can access it any advice?

Tracing route to matter.ctwug.za.net []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms rb9-750gl-private.razor-2.ctwug.za.net [172.26.2
2 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms rb3-750gl.razor-2.ctwug.za.net []
3 <1 ms 2 ms 2 ms link-razor.moontop.ctwug.za.net []

4 3 ms 2 ms 4 ms link-rb8.moontop.ctwug.za.net []
5 7 ms 5 ms 5 ms
6 5 ms 4 ms 8 ms dns.jypels.ctwug.za.net []
7 129 ms 141 ms *
8 * 395 ms 500 ms matter.ctwug.za.net []

Get on IRC so we can sort this :slight_smile:

Trace to the rb and it seems ok. I need to speak to Jypels as his tunnel is not performing well. Too much other things on his internet perhaps. Anyway this is a trace from mail server to your rb. I think it should not be a problem.

                             My traceroute  [v0.85]
matter (                                       Tue Dec 22 22:21:12 2015
Keys:  Help   Display mode   Restart statistics   Order of fields   quit
                                       Packets               Pings
 Host                                Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
 1.                       0.5%   202  257.5 257.7 257.4 261.0   0.4
 2.                     6.5%   202  300.7 386.4 291.2 579.0  71.9
 3.                     6.5%   202  333.0 387.8 291.9 571.6  64.8
 4.                      4.5%   201  299.7 389.5 293.5 541.4  67.6
 5.                       7.5%   201  321.5 387.6 294.3 608.5  67.2
 6.                    2.0%   201  299.1 392.5 297.1 577.4  66.8
 7.                     4.5%   201  315.5 397.2 296.6 931.9  82.8
 8.                      4.5%   201  325.2 397.0 296.4 809.0  75.9

Razor you need to go to https://mail.ctwug.za.net/accounts/login/

sorry Spin my internet isn’t stable at the moment as telkom was busy today with Fibre installation. They will continue and hopefully finish up tomorrow.

Tunnel will have 120mbps bandwith available (100mbps fibre + 20mbps VDSL which will be load balanced)

POP3 access is not 100% at the moment. I moved the server to a better home and result is I didn’t activate pop3 yet. Will be back hopefully later today.

POP3 should work again. As an added bonus we are now running with our certificates on all ports. So please see updated ports if first post (old ones should still work, though plaintext auth is disabled).

Updated first post with Outlook configuration details.

Hi Spin

I can’t seem to login my .ctwug email account anymore.

This is from the inet side---->>> giving me this error http://wugmail.ctwug.za.net/webmail/

Fixed, had to clear browser history.Thx working again.

The correct link is: https://mail.ctwug.za.net/
See first post in this thread.

I cant send a mail to mailadmin@ctwug.za.net. says “failed to send to one or more recipients”

Please help

Try again. I fixed it.

OK our port 25 has some spam protections on it to protect against spam from other servers. Please use 587 when you setup your smtp email server in your mail program. Updated first post.

Updated our mail server software. @WugMail users let me know if you see issues

Changes below. Looks to be all under the hood.


The bigger part of this release concerns the API. It is now possible to manipulate all objects through a REST/json interface. You can:

  • List, create, modify and delete domains and domain aliases
  • List, create, modify and delete accounts and aliases
  • Assign permissions on domains
  • Etc.

A documentation is available with each modoboa instance. You can see a working example on the official demo.

###Per-domain limits

In addition to per-admin limits about object creations, resellers and super administrators can now define per-domain limits:

  • Maximum number of allowed domain aliases
  • Maximum number of allowed domain administrators
  • Maximum number of allowed mailboxes
  • Maximum number of allowed aliases

This feature is not enabled by default, go to Modoboa > Parameters > Limits to change it.


  • Added support for bcrypt as a new password scheme
  • Django 1.9 is now the required branch

The full changelog is available on Github.


Due to the Django upgrade, some extensions have been updated because they were not compatible anymore. Here is the list:

modoboa-amavis 1.0.7
modoboa-postfix-autoreply 1.1.6
modoboa-stats 1.0.6
modoboa-sievelib 1.0.5
modoboa-webmail 1.0.4

Taken from: http://modoboa.org/en/weblog/2016/05/03/modoboa-151-out/

Hi Spin

I was trying to connect to my mail account, doesn’t accept my username or password.

How many times did you try?
Fail2ban will kick in I think after 5 failed attempts and block your IP for the specified time.
@spin can say the exact parameters configured

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You were also trying to login with just Apex as opposed to using apex@ctwug.za.net as the username as per instructions at the top. You may also have been blocked after repeated attempts.

So this is really a support query. Anyway pm me if you still can’t login and I’ll see about resetting your password.

Good day spin.
I would like to create an email account what info do you need from me ???

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