ZA Mining Pool for Aeon + Monero

Hey, everyone.

Who would be interested in joining a South African mining pool for Aeon or Monero?

If you have spare cycles available please consider Aeon as you can CPU mine. At the time of this post, it’s trading at $3.46.

Here are some stats from my mining operations for Aeon

Aeon mining stats on MyBroadband - Screenshots

Unfortunately, I don’t have any Monero stats.


I was always interested in mining, never understood how it work, but will love to learn more

We switched gears to a new mining strategy. See this link for more details

Also, there will be no pool fees during the beta testing phase :wink:

I’m busy setting my raspbery Pi 3 up for cpu mining I would love to join the pool as soon as I have my Pi up and running.

Also what are your fees for joining the mining pool

Not sure what you are mining but CPU mining on Pi probably doesn’t make sense?

@spin : :smile: It is for learning & experimental purposes. And it is easier to mine altcoin on a lower hash rate. I am looking at getting a few antminers at a little bit of a later stage. I was looking at getting four antminer U3’s to run on my Pi but they are so difficult to find and the one that are for sale are up for bidding and are like dbl the price as what you can actually get them for brand new.

OK, I am not sure which altcoins can be CPU mined? Most require GPUs AFAIK?

This is what I"ll be using on the Pi3b.

But like I said it is for learning and experimental purposes as I don’t know to much about mining cryptocoin , I am currently trading on at the moment.

@WizardBoy Pool fees for Aeon mining will be around 0.9-1.0%

@spin Aeon is a good coin to mine with CPU. It uses cryptonight-lite instead of cryptonight algorithm like it’s counterpart Monero. With the cryptonight-lite algorithm you could get up to 3 x hashrate than mining coins using cryptonight.

@spin @WizardBoy PM your email addresses if you’re up for beta testing the mining pool. There will be no mining fees during beta testing and we would certainly appreciate the help to get our pool stable enough for the production release :grinning:

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cool thanks @kasparie I will do so…