About the New User Support category

This category is for people that need support round getting connected and similar issues. This forum has templates for first post. Please post as much info as you can about your problem. Be complete so people can help you quickly. Also see relevant support sections in member forum for support with specific services. And mark the solution as solving the problem. Give your helper some love :slightly_smiling:

I’ve created the following as a default topic template when creating new posts in this section:

WiND Node (link or at least name and number):
List your existing wireless equipment (but don’t buy anything):
Confirm with yes or no that you’ve read the getting started guide:

Description / Details of your issue below

Please ensure that you fill this in for posts in this category. If not don’t expect help.

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Updated the first post here with information on a the default topic template for new topics. Should have done this a long time ago.

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