Anglosaxon Node

I will be moving early next year and would like to notify all my clients to start looking for alternative links.

Equipment will go on sale in January.

The area im staying in is no longer a safe area for my family.It was fun learning about wireless and making wugger friends.

Go well.


All the best @anglosaxon

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Safety of the Fam comes 1st ,let us know what equipment will be for sale…

hi,let me know when you intend to sell as i am interrested in buying

im interested in the sector…

Hi,can i have the lhg pls…


I still remember you connecting to CTWUG, thanks fior the services you ran and time you devoted to CTWUG it was appreciated from my side.


All sold yet? Or still some stuff left over?

COntac me 0832007993

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I have found some Mikrotik equipment today for free so I will not be needing this as bad as I needed it the other day but thanks!

Mast Free u have to remove and collect

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I will take it. Let me know by when please.

Anglo I have removed the equipment from my mast.
You are welcome to contact me for pickup