Are the 60ghz frequency very crowded?

Hi there guys, is this the place to ask random questions? Like is the 60ghz frequency band very occupied in Kraaifontein / Joostenberg area? And what is the max distance with great speed on this frequency?
I want to setup a link between me and a friend, distance is 3.4km

All the 60Ghz kit I see for sale, says 1500m+, but I take those figures as the ideal situation, like outside of a city. So I doubt you’ll get a link that stable at 3.4km with 60Ghz. Also when it rains, it affects 60Ghz, so I bet when it rains, even if you get up a link, it’ll fail then.

Thanks @pmurgs I also notice the 1.5km range. It looks like Mikrotik goes to 2km max. but still not far enough

hi i like to welcome you to ctwug forums lekejan1

can you tell me more on were you location is as Joostenberg Vlakte is were i am and if your friend is close to me i can help setting up a relay link.

my node on is Node populargamers1 #16963

if it helps

is der a 60ghz link that is link to a ctwug network as there’s is a lot of trees at my location and i well like to reconnect to ctwug


Thank you, my friend is living close to MIT Granite. Not sure if you know where that is, but it’s close to the railway, and behind Buhrein.
I’m not on the WUG, but we share a link to play games.

We would like to improve the PTP link, hence the question around 60Ghz, but I think I got an answer for this, there are better Ubiquiti 60Ghz PTP available, they are a bit expensive, but can do more than 2km on 60Ghz.

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have you plotted your node

add me on whatsapp (0-81)-(269-77-12)

en dan kan ons sien what ons kan doen ek het n 5GHz ap omni op maar kom nie veer met all die boom nie

het al ge dink om 3GHz te traai maar kort n license or mybie the old tv spectrums

i am interested to jone your network