Can someone please disable this link

same old story same node every time

ja please joh this link is n helse problem and no one does nothing

its gaming time please guys

beste van als is dan sit hulle nog services ook daar regtig hulle run nou die ding soos eskom :joy: wonder wat gaan nou weer die verskoning wees

laugh out loud:joy::joy::joy:

Link disabled…,

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Wonder vir hoe lank . . . More is dit weer op sy stukke . . . Dit kom nou al hoe lank aan al . . .

Can the @NetworkAdmins please put a temp ban to prevent Wug traffic via this link . . . or remove it from the OSPF routes untill it has been fixed permanently . . . It does not conform to OSPF Standards . . . Clearly
So why still allow OSPF traffic to route via this node . . . ? ? ?
Ban it from OSPF table for a month . . . And then review it afterwards - Enough heads-ups has been given in this regard and it affects the QOS adversely . . .

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Considering everyone feels like ever message/post is a personal attack let me start off by saying this isn’t directed at anyone.

Rather than disabling OSPF for a link as the solution, why not get in contact with the person responsible for the link and see how you can help fix the link? People are complaining about the link being unstable, but does the person responsible for the link know its unstable? What are people doing to help solve the issue? Complaining and “banning links” is just as good as doing nothing.

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The person responsible does not even reply here on the forum so must anyone know what is going on

Yes they know it has been a issues for a very long time

They are not doing anything except i have only seen ironman replying and checking and the best of all is they still went to add service and those also were also giving issue have a look on the forum there are loads of complaints

It’s about time this happens talking an complaining does not even help we need some strict rules that’s the only way to get stuff fiixed

Agree this is nothing personal but how long does it take to sort out stuff really if this was only affecting 1 or 2 persons then it was another story but its affecting everyone for a very long time

There are other ways to communicate, most people ignore forums as they are not an optimal communication platform, even email is more optimal these days as there are mobile apps to make using emails easier.


So one person is trying to make a change while everyone else is complaining…

Rules don’t change anything, it will just ensure there is a “rule to ban”.

Is this a WUG owned high site or user owned? If its a personal high site you are just assuming a person is ignoring the issues, you are not keeping in mind people have lives and they do the wug thing as a hobby. Report it to your committee @Committee and let @spin deal with it.

How we all doing?
Hope everything is well with everyone
I agree with @DHE,attacting does not sort out the issue, And definitely not on a open forum, email The person,msg/phone/ ect ect, if The person dont respond, let The committee know, send in screenshot to the committee, And if then nothing is still done about then by all means show evidence of The number of times you have tried,and for those that only complains in The background, Why dont you help to improve or try too if the person you are trying to help give you a attitude (i dont care), then send that also to committee to show that you have went The extra mile,

I, vĂŞ notice that The past year that attitude towards Wug has become a he/her to blame but no1 taking the issue upon themself to improve it, no one wants to go extra mile, no1 Uplifting the next person Who does well which to me is a bad thing, i, d like to see wug go forward, not 30times backward

What happen to learning The Wuggers, what happen to family day, what happen to The friendly culture that was there, come on guys/girls
Lets show better, do better And bĂŞ more helpfull

Lol just more excuses. If you care anything about the wug you should make sure that your links are in optimal condition.

Like i said this is nothing new it has been going on for months now and how can 1 try to fix it if they dont even have access.

Ctwug rules state a ospf link must comply to certain ospf standards if not it must be disabled because that affects the whole ospf table if a link drops every couple of seconds

Please stop making excuses that they do not read or are working there is always time to sort out stuff it does not take months


Was this bracket ever fixed . . . ? or could this be the cause of the problem ?
The post above was made by @Ironman on Jan 21 already . . . Thanks for making an effort to alleviate the issues here . . . Much appreciated . . .

Personal attack is not the focus point here . . . It should not be seen as a personal attack if numerous request has been made to resolve the issues which is hampering Quality of Service to the greater community is still pending after so long . . . The only thing common to these issues is the Node Skouperd (and connecting links). . . Not the person who is the owner of the node - The issues pertaining to the Node is being addressed - As well as whoever is in agreement /responsible for adding services to this Node without taking into account the quality of the medium which supporting these Services . . . I.M.H.O (as well as the CTWUG’s Rules) . . . this should be a major factor to consider should one decide to host services . . . or before a node is allowed to host services . . . and should be frequently monitored to insure that it remain within said spec . . .

The quality of the links which is currently in question should be amended to fall within the spec as set out in the CTWUG Rules . . . and remain within this prescribed spec for it to continue providing a QOS which is of an acceptable value . . . Else these Services should be moved to a alternative Node location which could be more suitable in providing a better QOS . . . as set out be in accordance to the CTWUG governing rules . . . @Committee @NetworkAdmins

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Thanks for all the stunning work which you have done on CTWUG Network . . .
W.r.t. to the scripts which you have introduced to point out problematic links . . .
Would you be so kind as to look into a script which would monitor the quality of links that is responsible for transporting OSPF traffic across the CTWUG Network as well for us please.

I think this would really assist in monitoring OSPF links which are not within spec . . . and point them out without having to create additional post to point out issues where OSPF equipment are acting up . . .

Perhaps if your existing “Housekeeping” scripts could be amended to incorporate such a feature . . . this would be highly appreciated and would definately benefit the greater community as a whole w.r.t. QOS . . .

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