Cannit create an account and login to wind to setup node

Hi Guys

Ive been a wugger for about 7 years now. But the guy i employ wants to join and we are batteling to login after creating an profile on wind . I have tried everything i know. Please contact me on 0836115084 via whatsapp if you have a possible solution. We want to plot his node asap. Regards Shaun

Please supply more detail on the profile you created

The profile is ZIGGIE and password ZIGGIE1 . That is the only info except the email address that was added.

The account was created according to wind but cannot login though. I input the details but it freezes up when trying to login. Have tried from wug access and net access.

Seems you entered the password incorrectly when trying to log in:

Can you confirm that the below is the email address:

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Yes that was after i tried everything else. Yes the email is correct

Have sent you a PM re this

This is as far as i get

Please give it another go:

Yeah thax Stiaan youre a star. Can login now.